Master Review

Master Review
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Director: Lokesh Kanagaraj
Producer: Xavier Britto
Release Date: Wed 13th Jan 2021
Actors: Vijay
Master Rating: 2 / 5
Master Punchline: Master Fails

Master Review, What’s Behind?

Scored a decent hit in Telugu with his last film Whistle, Vijay comes up with Master directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj who delivered sensational hit with Khaidi. Songs, teaser and trailer of the film hiked prospects on the film. Will it live up to the expectations?

Master Story Review:

JD aka Master (Vijay) is a college professor who is assigned to teach child criminals at the observation home where Bhavani (Vijay Sethupathi) runs the show. They are made drug addicts and are influenced to fall in his trap of accepting to commit the crimes made by him. Master doesn’t feel it as a responsibility until a tragic incident happens in the house. After this, he decides to take on Bhavani. Who wins the battle of good vs bad forms crux of the story.

Master Artists, Technicians Review:

Director Lokesh Kanagaraj spellbound with his exceptional narration with his last outing Khaidi. Although the plotline was thine, he made it an engaging watch, thanks to remarkable screenplay. That was not the case with Master, when it comes to screenplay and narration. He opted to a wafer-thin story and dragged it beyond the limit to make 3 long hours movie. Though there were some pleasing scenes in the first half, he loses his touch completely in second half. There are many loopholes in the script as well. Every time, Vijay tells a ‘Chitti’ story as his flashback is mind-numbing. For a character that is behaving abnormally and addicted to alcohol, it should have had a strong flashback. But, the reason Nasser tells is another ‘Chitti’ story for us. Lokesh Kanagaraj failed as director as well in elevating heroism. In fact, he gave much scope to Vijay Sethupathi.

Onto artists, Vijay has got swag and style, but has nothing much to perform, except couple of emotional scenes where he has excelled. His dances too are just okayish. Vijay Sethupathi has the role wherein he got enough scope to perform. He didn’t go overboard and did his part neatly. Malavika Mohanan has got nothing to do here. Nasser gets a brief character. Rest all are pure Tamil faces and hard to identify for Telugu audience.

Master Review Advantages:



Master Review drawbacks:

Second Half

Thin Storyline

Weak Screenplay

Arava Athi


Length of the Film

Love Track

Master Review Rating Analysis:

A film from Tamil star Vijay is usually looked upon by Telugu audience with decent expectations. This time too Master being in Pongal race, movie lovers waited for a full too entertainer but putting down all the anticipations, this is a very poor show from director Lokesh Kanagaraj and Vijay combo.

Master takes off on interesting note with introduction of Vijay Sethupathy aka Bhavani’s childhood life in juvenile prison and factors that influence him to evolve as ruthless criminal. This part of the movie is handled well. While the antagonist characterization establishment takes front seat for first 15 minutes, then comes Vijay aka Master JD working as personality development tutor in a college with tremendous following among students. It was a feast for Vijay Fans with mass beats all over. May it be the college function or the following elections episodes, Vijay stole the show. In parallel, the atrocities on small children along with drug abuse are presented effectively. Then after, the thread link on how and why JD is transferred to the same juvenile prison where Bhavani is dictating the terms looked artificially forced. One more episode of two kids ruthlessly hanged in prison by Bhavani’s team thus bringing change in JD’s frame of mind is impactful leading to interval block.

Like every second half, it’s a cat and mouse game between JD and Bhavani. But the only difference and weak line is they both won’t confront each other till climax. JD trying for a change among children in prison, kabaddi scenes are just ok. Fun factor went to a big toss as lack of content makes the story drive hard and tedious watch. Bhavani’s role gains some strength by killing couple of JD’s college students but loses hold immediately by kidnapping the kids. As routineness creep in with lethargic narrative, story heads for a weak action filled climax extended further with silly comedy.

All in all, Master didn’t live up to the expectations and an easily forgettable film for Vijay in Telugu. Except the advantage of Sankranti season, Master will wipe off soon from theaters and pandemic situation is all likely to halt the revenues. If you are looking for either one more Khaidi from Lokesh or Vigil from Vijay, this Master is not so. CJ goes with 2 stars and will disappear soon.


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