Maro Prasthanam Review

Maro Prasthanam Review
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Director: Johnny
Producer: Mirth India
Release Date: Fri 24th Sep 2021
Actors: Tanish
Maro Prasthanam Rating: 1.75 / 5
Maro Prasthanam Punchline: Viewers require Zandu Balm

What's Behind

Tanish's Maro Prasthanam directed by Johnny hit the screens today. The mass elements in the trailer and Tanish's look increased curiosity. Let us see what Maro Prasthanam offered to movie lovers.

Story Review

Narayan Rao Rane (Kabir Duhan Singh) is a dreaded gangster and Shiva (Tanish) happens to be his right-hand man. Shiva (Tanish) goes on a personal trip to Goa and on his return he gets a huge shock in his life and he decides to take drastic action. What is his personal trip, what shock he got and what drastic decision he takes and how it affects his life, and how Yuvidha (Muskan Sethi), Naini (Rishika Khanna), Naval Officer Atul (Raja Ravindra) are connected to it, forms rest of Maro Prastanam story.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Johny tried to create suspense in the starting scenes narrating the gory crimes committed by the gang unopposed and with the support of the political and police and business power. However, he quickly lost the steam in the story and narration as everything turns out to be routine.

The screenplay and direction went for a toss and repetitive and routine scenes with no real twists and turns and illogical narration irritated the viewers. Dialogues are just ok. Sunil Kashyap's music turned out to be below par. His BGM is just ok and is in sync with the plot. Editing of Kranti failed completely. But he couldn't be faulted with as there is nothing in the story and had he edited, there wouldn't have been any single scene worth mentioning. Balreddy's cinematography is good. Production values are ok.

Tanish tried his best to attract viewers in his role. He is ok with his looks and physique. Muskan Sethi and Rishika Khanna got limited roles and they passed through the motions. Kabir Duhan Singh is menacing in his looks and got nothing much to do. Raja Ravindra appeared in a small role.



Tanish to some extent





Story, Screenplay, Direction


Rating Analysis

Director Johny and Tanish tried to come with a different genre of crime drama. However, they failed in no time coming with routine elements after an initial start. Considering these points, CJ goes with a 1.75 rating for Maro Prasthanam.


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