Maro Charitra Movie Review.

Maro Charitra Movie Review.
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Behind the Movie Maro Charitra: This movie is remake of legendary Balachander’s ‘Maro Charitra’ which is a milestone in South film industry. It requires guts to take up the same classic which had Kamal Hasan and Saritha in the lead. But Producer Dil Raju has dared to recreate the same magic with his team of Ravi Yadav, Varun Sandesh and Anitha. Has they been successful in their attempts? Let us see…

In the Movie Maro Charitra:  Balu (Varun Sandesh) is the only son of Krishnama Chari (Prathap Pothan) who lives in the USA. Balu arrives home by discontinuing his course in the college to face the ire of his father. Soon, it is love at first sight for Balu with new neighbor Swapna (Anitha), daughter of America Durga (Urvasi) from Anakapalli. Swapna too opens up her feelings for Balu and both believe that they are born for each other.

Obviously, parents from both their families disagree for the marriage and come to a conclusion by the mediation of Panthulu (Naresh) to keep Balu and Swapna separated for one year in order to prove their honesty in love. An agreement is even signed by both the parties agreeing to the norms. In this one year of time Balu goes to New York to work in software company of Sandhya (Shraddha Das) and Maddy (Adarsh Balakrishna) arrives in Swapna’s life as his Baava. What was the bond that is developed between Sandhya and Balu? How did Maddy harm the love of Balu and Swapna? After one year, did they really meet up? Has their parents agreed for the marriage? form final episodes of the movie.

Values of the Movie Maro Charitra: Varun Sandesh as usually found energetic in first half and perfect fit as USA lad. He even used the same American slang which made him more suitable for the role of Balu. But the way he transformed himself as a serious lover in second half is amazing. More than first half, we see a different Varun Sandesh in second half. He improved a lot but only needs to put on some flesh.

Next is heroine Anitha with below average looks. She was a big minus point for the movie in first half. The voice dubbed for her lacked the depth and result is that key scenes in the movie looked very pale by her dim look and low base in the voice. Second half, she excelled in emotional scenes. Performance wise she scored pass marks but glamour wise nothing stunning.

The bad boy of the story is Adarsh Balakrishna; handsome and perfected the role. Coming to character artists, it is Prathap Pothan and Uravsi who take away the honors. Kota, Nalla Venu, Naresh were okay.

Surprise of the package, Shraddha Das was most beautiful in the movie with her elegant looks and it is the first time you feel loosing the heart for her. Performance wise, this girl has more to offer and it depends upon her future projects that she has to stand upon.

Technicalities wise, we observe Ravi Yadav more as a wonderful cinematographer rather than a director. His camera was like magical elixir which caught the scenic beauties of USA and especially Niagara waterfalls. If narration lacked depth and lost the connectivity with audience, what makes us sit for entire movie is his camera work. The rich locales of the USA were well trapped in his camera and he never missed richness element in the movie. His midas touch was visible in every frame of the movie. As a cinematographer Ravi Yadav is over the distinction while as a director he was prone to err all along the length of movie. Prakash Raj’s voice over was good.

Music wise, audio is really good and Mickey J Meyer comes out flying with colors. More than songs, it is the background score of Thaman Sai which grabbed the attention and kept the audience glued to screen. Thaman Sai has done brilliant work.

Dialogues by Umerjee Anuradha were connecting well with the youth audience and claps were audible. Story wise Anuradha doesn’t even miss the teaching of lessons for elders too. Editing by Marthand Venkatesh is up to the standard. Production values by Dil Raju and his team are richest.

Out of the Movie Mari Charitra:
Obviously when you are remaking a yesteryear epic Balachander’s ‘Maro Charitra,’ comparisons are prone to come. But, I say this new version cannot be compared with because for at least one reason; if Balachander has used the screen play as major force it was Ravi Yadav who used his extraordinary technical brilliance in bringing out this quality product. If first half is rated as below average, it is extraordinary episodes in second half revolving around Balu, Swapna, Sandhya, Maddy mixed with poor climax resulted in a pure sine wave. The love bond between the main couple, unjustifying climax was undigestible.

All in all, it is Thaman’s back ground, Varun Sandesh performance, superb camera work which are big plus while heroine Anitha’s glamour, loop holes in script and lack of depth in key scenes ware double minus for this ‘Maro Charitra.’

Cinejosh verdict of the Movie Maro Charitra: Maro Rotha Charitra.

                                                                                                                    ----------Reviewed by Srivaas


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