Marakathamani Review

Marakathamani Review
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Director: ARK Saravan
Producer: Rushi Media
Release Date: Fri 16th Jun 2017
Actors: Aadi
Marakathamani Rating: 2.5 / 5
Marakathamani Punchline: Dark Comedy In New Setting

Marakathamani Review, What’s Behind:

Young artist Aadi Pinishetty is playing a parallel game between Telugu and Tamil. One such film released simultaneously today in two languages is Marakathamani in ARK Saravan direction. After some impressive promotional stuff, let us see what’s the film is all about?

Marakathamani Story Review:

Marakathamani is an ancient antique object missed with time. It is so powerful that whoever touches it or tries to rob it, the evil spirit of its owner a royal king punishes them to death and nearly 130 of such killings are reported in a book. Freshly, Raghu Nandan (Aadi) and his friend take up the mission of stealing Marakathamani at the cost of earning 10 Crores. 

Raghu awakes the evil spirits of three dead people among those 130 dead to find the clue on Marakathamani whereabouts. Here’s where the real fun begins as one more gangster Twinkle Ramanadham (Anand Raj) also joins the main track. 

Did Raghunandan succeed in the task? How his dead love interest Alekhya (Nikki Galrani) fits into the story is rest.  

Marakathamani Artists and Technicians Review:

Central plot is unfamiliar. A gang on mission to steal missing antique sounds thrilling like Telugu hit Swamy Rara. Writer, director ARK Saravan scripted this concept with more hilarious stuff while interest and suspense expected on Marakathamani is fully diluted. Narrative ran more on working fun generated with three ghosts incorporated in gang. ARK Sarvan’s approach of cooking this dark comedy with multiple ingredients of horror, thrill and heist crime is appreciable. In fact, the film never gets struck at a point. It moves on with one or the other engaging element. Yet, pace of the film and core theme on Marakathamani could have been dealt grippingly. Writing part is just fine. PV Shankar’s camera work, editing by Prasanna are good and so is the music from Dhibu Ninan Thomas kept the proceedings enthusiastic. Production standards from Rushi Media are above decent.

Onto artists, Aadi is definitely an artist with limited expressions and he did his part fairly good. Nikki Galrani hasn’t got much to do. Ramdoss good comedy timing is the big plus. Anand Raj is in contrast to his regular cruel villainy. Kota Srinivas Rao and Brahmanandam looked forcibly inserted. Rest all are Tamil faces.

Marakathamani Review Positives:


Second Half

Dark Comedy

Marakathamani Review Negatives:

Overt Tamil Flavor

No Known Artists

First Half

Over The Top Treatment 

Aadi, Nikki Wasted

Marakathamani Review Rating Analysis:

Dark comedies with basic heist crimes aren’t really new for South cinema. Marakathamani is special for the way fantasy and horror flavors are blended into the script. Telugu audiences are thrown to enough inspirational examples like Swamy Rara while watching this flick. Yet Sarvan has done an appreciable job though this may not gel well with Telugu viewers and their commercial liking.

Movie begins on enthralling note instigating the mystery behind Marakathamani. Gradually once Aadi, Nikki, Munishkanth Ramdoss and other characters join the stream, nothing considerable happens on story front. In between the romantic track on key leads missed the mark by mile. When one expects the narrative to get thrilling as Aadi and team begins the hunt for Marakathamani, never it picked up. Spooky episodes on Munishkanth and his team kept audience in splits. Interval is though not a bang on, just acceptable.

Second half turns more frolicking with Anand Raj gang taking decent screen time. This villain track reminds us of Ravi Babu in Swamy Rara. Once Aadi, Anand Raj gangs comes into conflict, in fact fun got multiplied. Towards pre climax, Marakathamani went disordered. Bringing in Brahmi is a failed stint. Climax is just ok as thrill faded out long back.

In totality, Marakathamani is not a branded horror or excellent thriller. It turned out to be a cocktail of dark comedy with too many insipid side dishes watering down the anticipation. Cinejosh rates Marakathamani with 2.5 stars for the attempt of treating a dark comedy in new light.

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