Mansion 24 Review

Mansion 24 Review
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Director: Ohmkar
Producer: Ohmkar, Ashwin, Kalyan
Release Date: Tue 17th Oct 2023
Actors: Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, Rao Ramesh, Sathyaraj, Tulasi, Avika Gor, Manas, Nandu, Bindu Madhavi, Abhinaya
Mansion 24 Movie Rating: 1 / 5
Punchline: Mansion 24 - Missing Soul

Mansion 24 (Web Series) What's Behind

After earning recognition as a top anchor with successful shows like Maayadweepam,Aata, and Sixth Sense, Ohmkar made a transition into the world of filmmaking. He directed the popular horror film series, Raju Gari Gadi. Following a significant hiatus, he is set to captivate audiences once again with his latest offering, a horror web series titled Mansion 24.

The web series' trailer and teaser have generated considerable excitement and anticipation among avid movie enthusiasts. "Mansion 24" is now available for streaming on Disney+Hotstar, promising an array of spine-tingling thrills and suspense. Let's dive into this enigmatic mansion and discover the gripping chills it has in store for us.

Mansion 24 (2023) Web Series Story Review

Mansion 24 unravels a compelling tale centered around a young woman's determined quest to prove her father's innocence. Amrutha (Varalakshmi Sarathkumar) embarks on this challenging mission, as her father, Kalidas (Satyaraj), stands unjustly accused of being a traitor.

Amrutha's unwavering resolve leads her to a desolate mansion, despite fervent warnings from the locals. Here, she encounters the mansion's watchman (Rao Ramesh), who holds crucial information about the unfolding mystery.

As the story unfolds, the intriguing connections between various inhabitants of the mansion come to light. Writer Chaturvedi (Srimaan) resides in Room No 504, while Swapna (Avika Gor) occupies Room No 203. Inmate (Rajiv Kanakala) and his wife Radha (Abhinaya) can be found in Room No 605, and Inmate (Archana Jose) resides in Room No 409. Notable characters like Lilli (Nandu) and Sultana Begum (Bindu Madhavi) occupy Room No 307.

The narrative takes unexpected turns, revealing a web of connections that hold the key to a thrilling and shocking twist. "Mansion 24" is a suspenseful journey filled with suspense, mystery, and intrigue, as Amrutha navigates this enigmatic mansion to unveil the truth about her father's alleged betrayal.

Mansion 24 Web Series Artists Review

Varalakshmi Sarathkumar delivered a spirited performance that showcased her ability to convey a wide range of expressions and emotions. Her body language was well-suited to her character, effectively portraying the pain and grief of a girl on a quest to find her missing father, who had been unjustly labeled a traitor. However, despite her commendable efforts, there were moments where she struggled to truly elevate the scenes with her performance. Additionally, her character's muteness, while integral to the plot, at times led to a disconnect with the viewers. The presence of a strong Tamil flavor in her character might not resonate well with all viewers.

Rao Ramesh, in his role as a watchman, performed admirably. Regrettably, he didn't have ample opportunities to fully showcase his acting talent, leaving viewers wanting more. Sathyaraj's role, while playing competently, felt somewhat routine and limited. On the other hand, Nandu displayed his talent effectively, convincingly portraying a ruthless character. Avika Gor, Abhinaya, and Archana, in their limited roles, managed to make a notable impact, despite the constraints of their screen time.

Mansion 24 Web Series Technicians Review

Ohmkar's Mansion 24 appears to draw inspiration from various horror films and stories, presenting a narrative that follows a format reminiscent of Vikram and Bethal tales. While this approach may initially spark intrigue, it eventually becomes tedious. Viewers might find themselves questioning why Ohmkar takes so long to delve into the heart of the plot, often getting caught up in tangential details, particularly through the character of Rao Ramesh.

Comprising six episodes, the web series seems to derive inspiration from several successful films. The first episode explores the eerie notion of a novelist's words coming to life, while the second episode delves into the tragic consequences of an extramarital affair. The third episode appears to be inspired by real-life events such as the Burari deaths in Delhi, and the fourth revolves around a pregnant woman's experiences. Unfortunately, the fifth episode comes across as superficial and artificial, lacking depth and authenticity.

Director Ohmkar's attempt to instill fear in the viewers backfires, as the narrative often elicits unintended laughter. With the exception of a somewhat intriguing final twist, much of the storytelling feels forced, resulting in a challenging viewing experience. Ohmkar's screenplay and direction fall short of expectations.

Vikas Badisha deserves recognition for leaving an impact with his background music and elevating the scenes with his scores. Manikandan's cinematography offers a realistic ambiance, impressing viewers with its diverse tonal qualities, color schemes, and shot styles across various episodes. However, the editing could have been more seamless, as there are instances when the pace lags and some scenes feel routine.

Despite the evident effort, the visual effects and computer-generated imagery (CG) fall below par. The artificial and fake appearance of these effects detracts from the genuine atmosphere and overall experience, leaving viewers with a sense of disconnect.

In sum, Mansion 24 struggles to live up to its potential, marred by a lackluster narrative and underwhelming visual effects.

Mansion 24 Advantages



Mansion 24 Disadvantages


Weak Story

Missing Horror

Mansion 24 (2023) Web Series Rating Analysis

Mansion 24 turns out to be a comical take on horror films or web series. Ohmkar, who initially piqued interest with intriguing teasers and trailers, regrettably falters in delivering the final product. The storyline proves to be weak, and from that point onwards, the problems only escalate. Viewers will inevitably recall many successful films from various languages, and to add to the disappointment, none of the character arcs are adequately fleshed out.

In fact, Mansion 2" appears to be a scene-by-scene reproduction of the Korean horror anthology film The Grotesque Mansion, starring Sung Joon, Kim Hong-pa, and Kim Bo-ra. However, Ohmkar manages to dilute everything to such an extent that it all but disappears. His attempt to introduce a "missing father" twist, while intended to be creative, ultimately backfires. Ohmkar's endeavor to create fear falls flat, primarily due to the subpar visual effects.

It's unfortunate that Ohmkar's attitude changed after the moderate success of "Raju Gari Gadi." Movie lovers deserve filmmakers who appreciate their support and feedback. "Mansion 24" appears to have disappointed many, reflecting the importance of staying connected with your audience and delivering quality content.

Ohmkar seems to have become headstrong and despite the marginal success of Raju Gari Gadi, arrogance crept into his mind, and started taking movie lovers for granted. Mansion 24 sadly turns out to be an insult to the senses of the movie lovers.

Ohmkar's shortcomings encompass the story, script, writing, screenplay, and direction, leaving much to be desired on all fronts. His seemingly casual approach results in the unfortunate Mansion 24 Casualty. Taking all these elements into account, Cinejosh can only grant "Mansion 24" a rating of 1.

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