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Manamantha Review
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Manamantha Review, What Is Behind: Aithe is one film loudly announced on arrival of a new age director Chandrasekhar Yeleti who never eyes on regular subjects. Known for remarkable screenplays, out of the box concepts and perfectly etched characterizations, Yeleti is back this time with human drama ‘Manamantha’ arrived today in theaters. Let us see, what’s the special Yeleti offered to all of us?

Manamantha Story: Four characters representing four different personalities in different age groups come together to narrate their story. Sai Ram (Mohan Lal), working as Assistant Manager in a super market; Gayathri (Gauthami), a middle class house wife with dignity, self respect; Abhiram (Vishwant), a replica of current teenage aiming high in life falling in love and Mahitha (Raina Rao), an innocent school going child surrounded by beautiful world around her. Each of them has joy and sorrows in their respective lives. How few incidents in their day to day routine converged into one is what ‘Manamantha’ preaches a precious lesson for all of us.

Manamantha Artists and Technicians: Some films are made with money, brains and some with heart. Yeleti’s ‘Manamantha’ falls into the latter category. Right from etching the characters to moving forward with screenplay in coherence with story narration and exploring the best of emotional excellence from artists; Yeleti has done a tremendous job in all the departments. This man is known for testing new waters and came up this time with a film having multiple layers in parallel story narration. Each story among four is great in its own periphery. The way all four are bind to one common thread is the zone where Yeleti succeeded in distinction. As a screen and story writer, he showed an extensive command with intensive characterization depths. His direction was also flawless ordering the best from his technical team and casting. Dialogues strike directly into hearts as tears drop rolling down from eyes freely without your conscience.   Rahul Shrivastav enhanced the realistic touch cranking his camera in right direction. Precisely, the vision of Yeleti was clearly projected in Rahul’s work. GV Chandra Sekhar’s exemplary editing has let the four characterizations to flow piously without any complicatedness. Although, narrative appears to be slower at portions but never was it tedious. Mahesh Shankar’s RR added a gentle mood to the onscreen visuals soothing the ears. Sai Korrapati of Varahi should be acknowledged for letting out such a modern day classic believing in content.

Mohan Lal is more of a natural actor. He effortlessly went into skin of Sai Ram. Thankfully, his Telugu dubbing created a right impact too. Gauthami is a perfect replication of present day working class women who fight more for self respect keeping family united. Every pain in this process of fulfillment is a joy can’t be described in words. Without Gauthami madam, this ‘Manamantha’ is half spoken. Such a sweet smile and honest portrayal with distinguish voice. Vishwant appeared smart and spontaneous. However, his track became a bit commercial and artificial towards the breakup. Raina Rao and one more destitute kid are heart-warming artists to make you smile and then drop the tears. Gollapudi addressed quintals of philosophy to keep a smile forever on our faces in this brief role. Urvashi ushers in a relief with comic quotient. Paruchuri, Nasser, Vennela Kishore, Brahmaji, LB Sriram and others filled the gaps in valuable roles.

Manamantha Rating Analysis: Generally, reviewers rarely get a challenge in film post-mortem. Manamantha provides a competitive situation to analyze more for critics and reviewers. At a time when writers and directors are distraught penning one or two main tracks closing a commercial project, Yeleti’s efforts in blending authenticity and valuable tincture into four pillar characters isn’t a simple job. His painful sufferings undergone to design each of these can’t be described. This is a lesson for every film course student to learn the nuances in making.

Right from take off in first half, Yeleti tossed four characters synchronously instituting their moods, behaviors, psychologies, aspirations to register with audience crystal clear. Later, each story unveils typically making audience in various age groups to identify our-selves as a part of narrative. Every now and then, we are left amazed for director’s brilliance. Interval block isn’t exceptional yet all four threads land on disparate footings to keep viewers excited on what’s next.

Second half is altogether a contradictory game. With all four artists already imprinted into our thoughts, challenge was to chain them together by climax. Yeleti took overall output to next level unveiling the small, touching twists in all four stories further upgrading the beauty. Closing portions are outstandingly envisioned and executed.

Away from so called Box Office regulations, ‘Manamantha’ is a modern day classic which has no language or regional barrier to connect. This film spoke a universal language of human drama and subtle emotions. Films of this sort are delivered very occasionally from Telugu directors. We should be proud to have Yeleti rooting from our own soil. Enduring the experience, Cinejosh rates Manamantha with 3.25 stars recommending all our viewers to watch the film.

Manamantha Cinejosh Verdict: Our Own Story, Our Own Life, Our Own Film.

                                           Manamantha Cinejosh Rating: 3.25/5.0

                                                                                         Reviewed by Srivaas

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