Manam Movie Review

Manam Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Manam: There are quite many valid reasons to see this film from a different perspective. Along with Late ANR’s last movie, Anup Ruben’s Music, Vikram Kumar’s style of taking, Akkineni multi star etc the film arrived in theatres today. Let us see, how far the warmth of missing ANR is sensed in the film. 

In the Movie Manam: Story begins in 1983 with introduction to Radha (Naga Chaitanya), Krishna (Samanta) as a beautiful couple whose married life is disturbed for those regular reasons. Their six year old son Bittu aka Nageswara Rao is the sufferer and soon, Radha, Krishna terminate in a deadly accident on February 14. Nageswara grows into a successful businessman (Nagarjuna) but could not forget the memories of parents.

One fine day, Radha finds Nagarjuna (Naga Chaitanya) on a flight resembling exactly Radha. When Radha is re-born as Nag, definitely Krishna is also somewhere. Immediately Nageswara Rao traces Krishna in the form of Priya (Samanta). Now, the job of Nag is to unite his father and mother again in this new life. 

Twist comes in the form of one more character Chaitanya (ANR) escaping an accident narrowly saved by Doctor Anjali (Shriya) and Nageswara Rao. Yes, Chaitanya identifies these two as his lost mother and father, the story of which is shown as a long flashback. Rest is; when did all four connect and comprehend completely in the climax which falls exactly on the same date of February 14?

Values of the Movie Manam: Emotional Connect is the typical formula to connect with our Indian audience. Any film which touches the hearts of our viewers with emotional element is a proper hit. Director Vikram Kumar’s balanced act of repeatedly wetting the eyes of patrons with sweet, cute and yet simple feel good episodes has done the trick. There is no deep sentiment or no extended melodrama. ‘Manam’ cruises smoothly on an intelligently written script from a complicated story involving Past Life Regression. There are no words to describe the unusually high quality screenplay of Vikram Kumar executed excellently by self with imposing performances of artists supported by rich visuals and stimulating background score. Harshavardhan dialogues arouse instant claps. PS Vinod’s cinematography is a master piece work while Praveen Pudi’s editing missed the thin edge in second half with repetitive scenes. ‘Manam’ is the best musical work from Anup Rubens both on main score and background wise. Production values of Akkineni Kutumbam are displayed with awe.  

On performance front, Nagarjuna is the central layer connecting the two generations. Obviously, he gets more screen time than the remaining two. He is most handsome as Nageswara Rao and this is his best, dignified look in recent times. ANR has very less screen time and comes just before interval block. Naga Chaitanya did well in two different shades. One as a suffering husband and second his brand rom-com acts. Samanta is too cute to resist and her chemistry with Chaitu is brilliant. Shriya too did an awesome job with the catchy line of I Love You. Of the rest, Sapthagiri, MS are comic. Brahmi as PA to Nag and and Ali as Leonardo Di Caprio raised few laughs. Big B’s two lines and Akhil’s climax entry added more to the commercial value.

Out of the Movie Manam: In one line…after a very long gap, I’ve seen a true Telugu film made everything on innovative format. May it be story based on Past Life Regression or penetrative treatment or polished narration, everything is working positive here. Coming to disadvantages, there is a need for plenty of portions in second half to get immediately trimmed. In fact, this is the reason why runtime touched 160+ minutes which is too high. Joining scenes between Nag, Shriya were repetitive and boring. Into pre climax and climax, suddenly all the performances become plastic. Although Akhil’s entry wasn’t much needed, Vikram Kumar is a winner from Fans point of view. 

For audience of any genre, ‘Manam’ is Easy Connect because it has a beautiful feel which soothes your heart tenderly. The poignancy in Vikram Kumar’s style of treatment profoundly touches us. Do not under estimate the commercial stamina of a Feel Good Film, ‘Manam’ is surely to prove this. This is a sure shot hit everywhere.

Cinejosh Verdict of Manam: This Is Our Film. Do Not Miss It.

                                                     Cinejosh Rating: 3.25

                                                                               Reviewed by Srivaas

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