Malli Raava Review

Malli Raava Review
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Director: Gautham Thinnanuri
Producer: Rahul Yadav
Release Date: Fri 08th Dec 2017
Actors: Sumanth, Akanksha, Mirchi Kiran and others
Malli Raava Movie Rating: 3 / 5
Punchline: Malli Raava - Realistically Sensitive Romance

Malli Raava Review, What’s Behind:

Hero Sumanth perfectly tunes himself for a particular set of scripts like that of Sathyam or Godavari. He has been waiting from long for a breakthrough and Malli Rave which in fact did not enjoy any solid pre release buzz has hit the screens today. Let us see how good this film can lay a comeback for Sumanth?

Malli Raava Story Review:

Karthik (Sumanth) and Anjali (Akanksha Singh) are childhood buddies. Situations play a strange game right from their school age in 1999 when parents on both sides fail to understand their relation leading to separation, then in 2014 when they accidentally meet to again fall in love working for a software company, simple reasons pose a shocking challenge as Anjali steps back from marriage. Now in 2017, it’s Anjali’s marriage and Karthik is still the same, pure and sincere…yet they wait for one more turn…

Malli Raava Artists, Technicians Review:

To begin with story, screenplay and direction, Gautham Thinnanuri joins those fresher talent lists in the industry who never ask for an out of box storyline. To put it simple, Malli Raave sways smoothly between three time periods of 1999, 2014 and 2017 chronicling the incidents lead pair goes through. Beauty of the film lied in clean, neat screenplay and pristine dialogue writing. Despite Gautham wigwags in three timelines, there was no confusion because of the differential sensitive treatment he gave on. Innocence in adolescence, apprehension in teenage and cognizance by the age of marriage, Gautham demarcated the three phases profusely with his sumptuous directorial abilities. Despite the narrative is tedious at times (due to wafer thin story line), viewers easily move on sympathizing with leads. Malli Raava did not miss much on fun quotient. While school episodes (greeting cards, late night studies and many such) take viewers on a nostalgic journey, the typical work atmosphere in Software Company is inherently entertaining. Gautham worked on every minute aspect of his screenplay in order not to miss the realistic sensibility. Satish Muthyala’s camera work is adequate while Sathya’s editing never missed the coherence. Sravan Bharadwaj’s background score and songs enhanced the soul of film. Songs never appeared as speed breakers and situations freely flowed. Production standards from Rahul Yadav are good enough. 

About artists, Sumanth is a perfect fit. Audience will remind him for long as subtle Karthik. He was flawless and handsome but any young hero other than Sumanth could have made difference to overall output. It was a little hard to connect with his age constraint. Akanksha Singh is very cute and shouldered the role with ease. Both the child artists Master Satwik and Baby Preeti Asrani are sure to haunt us for a while. Karthik Adusumilli, Mirchi Kiran and Annapurna are just superb evoking laughter and feel good consistently. Rest of all the artists looked fresh and captivating.

Malli Rava Review Advantages:






Akanksha Singh

Malli Raava Review Drawbacks:

Slow Narrative

Restricted Plot

Malli Raava Review, Rating Analysis:

Malli Raava is not a regular script to execute. There is good depth in character etching and elementary dialogues penned on situational demands effortlessly strike at heart. There’s no romantic exaggeration or over board melodrama, Gautham well managed to put his show straight forward with a plain sailing narrative. From the moment, viewers tie with two lead artists… we undergo the same pain and joy they pass through. This is what a fantastic screenplay means and kudos to the team.

Malli Raava begins on a leisure time taking note introducing us to Sumanth, his friend Dumboo and his wife. With really no vigorous central conflict to discuss on, all three time phases of Sumanth and Akanksha flush evenly on tight and gripping treatment. There’s no dearth for humor when senior at school proposes Baby Preeti Asrani with New Year greeting card. Interval can’t be called a bang yet we go out for a coffee on a smiling and refreshing note.

Into second half, again the writer in Gautham makes use of basic situations at Akanksha’s home to separate her from Sumanth. All the logical loopholes visible in this part of film are covered with smart writing and consistent rise in dialogue standards. Giving a complete justification to title, Sumanth leaves to USA as a matured, well defined Akanksha waits for his return.

In totality, Malli Raava is one sober film ably shouldered by Gautham, Sumanth, Akanksha and the two child artists. Clearly aimed at urban and youth audience section, it’s more than worth a watch for the weekend. Commercial applause aside, definitely Malli Raava will be hailed as honest attempt at the advent of new age cinema. Film has high probabilty to enjoy decent run in Overseas and metro centers in Telugu states. CJ goes for 3 stars rating.

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