Malli Pelli Review

Malli Pelli Review
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Director: M.S.Raju
Producer: VK Naresh
Release Date: Fri 26th May 2023
Actors: VK Naresh, Pavithra Lokesh, Jayasudha, Sarathbabu, Vanitha Vijayakumar, Ananya Nagalla, Roshan, Ravi Varma, Annapoorna, Bhadram, Yukta, Praveen Yandamuri, and Madhooo
Malli Pelli Movie Rating: 2.25 / 5
Punchline: Malli Pelli - Silly Lolli

Malli Pelli (2023) Movie: What's Behind

VK Naresh, Pavithra Lokesh's romantic entertainer Malli Pelli directed by MS. Raju is appealing to all movie lovers. The film's first look, teaser, and trailer got a good response as the makers related the story to that of real-life incidents happening with regard to Naresh and Pavithra Lokesh. The film's OTT rights are yet to be inked and the streaming will be after the completion of its theatrical run. Let us find out whether Malli Pelli lived up to all the hype or not.

Malli Pelli Movie: Story Review

Malli Pelli story is all about the happenings of the lives of a senior star hero and his co-actress who faces problems in their marital life. Narendra (Sr Naresh) is a top actor in Tollywood and he gets attracted to beautiful middle-aged actress Parvathi (Pavithra Lokesh) from Kannada. Though Narendra fall in love with Parvathi in their first meeting, Parvathi treads carefully and tells him to be good friends.

However, circumstances force them to take their relationship to the next level and how Narendra's third wife Soumya (Vanitha Vijayakumar), parents Mahendra (Sarath Babu), Vimala (Jayasudha) and Pavithra's actor cum writer husband Phanindra (Ravi Varma) react and where this leads to form the crux of the story.

Malli Pelli Movie: Artists Review

VK Naresh brought in his acting experience and expertise to carry the film on his shoulders. Though he stopped doing the lead roles long time back, this once again shows that he hasn't lost his charm. He showed good expressions and emotions and at times his mannerisms attracted all.

Pavithra Lokesh performed well in the role of an actress who faces problems in her personal life but at the same time, showed that she is not vulnerable to the advances men make towards her. Her character is shown in strong manner. The scenes featuring Naresh and Pavithra Lokesh are filled with different kind of emotions.

Vanitha Vijahyakumar performed the role of the arrogant woman who goes to any extent for money. Her screen presence is good. Sarath Babu and Jayasudha made their presence felt in the limitesed scenes they appeared on the screen. Ravi Varma performed well as Pavithra's husband who looked like a silent killer. Ananya Nagella played the role of young Pavithra Lokesh quite well. Others performed according to their roles.

Firstly, “Malli Pelli” is the first South Indian film that explores the love story of amddle-aged couple. Secondly, the film represents not just their love story but the love..

Chapter 1 flirting 

Chapter 2 Mistake

Chapter 3 My Story

Chapter 4 Krishna story

Chapter 5 Conflict

Malli Pelli Movie: Technicians Review

Malli Pelli's story selected by MS. Raju is a bold attempt to show the romance between the aged couples. It seems he drew inspiration from the lives of Sr Naresh and Pavithra Lokesh and tried to capitalize on the craze revolving around it. The makers seemed to have planned the film first for OTT and then owing to the craze decided to release it on the big screen.

The story was narrated in six episodes Flirting, Mistake, My Story, Krishna Story, and Conflict. He showed the character of Naresh as a person who flirts with beautiful girls and then the mistake he committed in his life. Then his story and Pavitrah's story are narrated before the final conflict.

Those who follow Naresh, and Pavithra Lokesh's relationship and happenings in their lives and how his third wife Ramya Raghupathi can enjoy some of the scenes. However, for others, it will be a boring fest despite the best efforts. Those who are aware of Naresh's hit songs will turn nostalgic when they are played on the screen. The story is routine and Ms. Raju's screenplay is uneven. At times it generated interest and at other times it tested the patience of the viewers. Little interest is generated towards the interval and at the pre-climax and climax.

The music of Suresh Bobbili is ok. A couple of songs are melodious and shot appealingly in the backdrop of beautiful locations. Junaid Siddique's editing could have been better especially in the second half as there are many repetitive scenes and drags. The cinematography of Bal Reddy is good and beautified the film with good camera angles. Dialogues are good at times. Production values of Vijaya Krishna Movies are good.

Malli Pelli: Advantages

  • Naresh, Pavithra Lokesh
  • Few Scenes

Malli Pelli: Disadvantages

  • Boring Scenes
  • Uneven Screenplay

Malli Pelli Movie: Rating Analysis

Altogether, Malli Pelli is an old couple's story that has limited connection. MS.Raju teamed with Naresh and Pavithra Lokesh and the trio decided to cash into the craze regarding Naresh-Pavithra's relationship with this film. They have promoted the film quite well but with a predictable triangular love story except for the fact middle-aged people romancing on the screen, there is no novelty. Except for a few scenes, everything ended up testing the patience of the viewers. Considering all these elements, Cinejosh goes with a 2.25 Rating for Malli Pelli.

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