Malli Modalaindi Review

Malli Modalaindi Review
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Director: TG.Keerthi Kumar
Producer: K.Rajasekhar Reddy
Release Date: Fri 11th Feb 2022
Actors: Sushanth
Malli Modalaindi Rating: 1.75 / 5
Malli Modalaindi Punchline: Torture Modalaindi

What's Behind

Nagarjuna's nephew Sumanth is trying his best to make an impression doing different genre entertainers. His upcoming entertainer Malli Modalaindi is streaming on ZEE OTT on February 11,2022. Let us see what Sumanth's Malli Modaliandi offered to movie lovers.

Story Review

A chef, Vikram (Sushanth) couldn't get along with his wife Nisha (Varshini Sounderajan) as he fails to spend time with her and takes her for granted failing to fulfill even her small wishes. Nisha feels that Vikram spends more time with his friend Vaishali (Pavani Reddy) than her. They decided to get divorced and even Vikram's mother Sujatha (Suhasini), a single mom herself decides not to convince them as she feels that they cannot live together.

They apply for divorce and finally get divorced with the help of lawyers Kutumbarao (Posani Krishna Murali) and Pavithra (Naina Ganguly). Vikram gets attracted towards Pavitra, who also happens to be a friend of Nisha. Pavitra runs a company named RESET which helps divorced people to move ahead in life with new partners. Vikram though enjoys loving Pavitra, however, shocks all when Pavitra's parents seek his alliance. To find out what Vikram did and where the relations between Vikram, Pavitra, Nisha, and Vaishali head, enjoy Malli Modalaindi on screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

TG. Keerthi Kumar came up with a story that highlights the lives of people post-divorce and the pain they suffer after the divorce. His idea looked novel at the start. He tried to create fun related to it but in the first few minutes the narration fizzles out. From then on scenes get repeated and the narration goes nowhere swinging to and fro in a directionless manner. Except for a couple of scenes, the proceedings test the patience of the viewers. A couple of dialogues are thought-provoking but the lengthy and preachy dialogues with routine flavor put off the viewers to the core. The entire narration turned bland and with a weak story, screenplay, and direction, the film failed to take off. Missing emotional connectivity and amateurish performances failed to elevate the scenes.

Sumanth performed well in the role tailor-made for him. However, there is nothing new for him to do and one gets a feeling that he was passing through the motions. Sumanth's expressions, emotions, and body language are ok with the role but weak characterization irritates the viewers. Varshini Soundarrajan is ok in her role. Naina Ganguly performed well in her role and Pavani Reddy did her job as the friend of Vikram. All the three got equal screen presence and they are ok with their performance.

Suhasini, Posani Krishna Murali is fine in roles suited and typical for them. Vennela Kishore tried to evoke a few laughs with his role. Pruthvi Raj and Manjula Ghattamaneni got limited screen presence.

Anup Rubens music is ok. His BGM score is in sync with the story. The cinematography of Shiva GRN is good. The editing of Pradeep Raghav left a lot to be desired. However, he cannot be faulted because had he used his scissors there wouldn't have been any film at all. Few dialogues are ok. Production values are good.



Couple of hilarious scenes



Story, Screenplay, Direction


Rating Analysis

Sumanth teamed with Keerthi Kumar to create magic with a thought-provoking entertainer. He starts off in an interesting manner trying to narrate the experiences and feelings of a couple of post-divorce. However within minutes, interest disappears and with routine narration, weak characterization, missing emotions, preachy and routine dialogues, the story goes for a toss. Lack of interesting elements, entertaining scenes, Malli Modalaindi ends up giving immense torture. Considering all these elements, CJ goes with a 1.75 rating for Malli Modalaindi.

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