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Majnu Review
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Majnu Review, What’s Behind: Natural Star Nani is banking highly on three back to back successes. Director Virinchi Varma made a mark with ‘Uyyala Jampala.’ Two newcomers Anu Emmanuel and Priya Shri acted as heroines while Gopi Sunder’s music created a buzz. Let us see, what is this modern day Majnu love story?

Majnu Story: Adithya (Nani), working as Assistant Director to Rajamouli for ‘Bahubali 2’ falls head over heels with software employee Sumanjali aka Suma (Priya Shri) and begins to flirt her. In no time, Suma gets impressed with Adithya’s charm. However, Adithya has a failure love story in the past which he narrates to Suma. 

Adithya, an Engineering graduate in Bheemavaram and his junior Kiranmayi aka Kiran (Anu Emmanuel) were together in love. Simple opinion differences lead to breakup. By the time Adithya ends his love story narration to Suma, he realizes to be still in love with Kiran. Admired by Adithya’s frankness, Suma too falls for him.  

Twist in the tale is Kiran’s re-entry into Adithya’s life and most important is Kiran, Suma are cousins. How Adithya handled Kiran and Suma? Did Kiran accept for marriage with Hemanth (Raj Tharun)? 

Majnu Artists and Technicians: To describe about story, Virinchi Varma trusted on a triangular love story dated back to Aravalli mountain origin times and tested limitless on Indian screen. Apparently, Virinchi’s dependent variables for ‘Majnu’ were refreshing treatment and entertaining screenplay. To make a stale story come out newfangled on screen, he picked two new heroines. However, his genius sketch failed in the middle with content scarcity and lost sense of direction. Relying on Nani’s screen presence to do the magic, Virinchi kept Nani in every frame, each and every scene. Yet the weight was massive for Nani alone to bear the burden. Except the lighter vein comedy pieces here and there, Virinchi’s direction was old fashioned. Writing department’s undeveloped job is bettered by Nani’s diction and modulation in punching those peculiar one liner dialogues. Gopi Sunder trickled his romantic essence with two or three wonderfully composed songs. In fact, first half has four songs rolled one after the other. RR was also good. VS Gnanasekhar’s camera work made visuals look rich, colorful capturing the beauty of Bheemavaram, Goa and other locales. Editing by Prawin Pudi was conventional run-of-the-mill. Anandi Arts, Keva Movies and P Kiran’s production standards appeared good.

Nani is the very lifeline and omnipresent. Such lighter vein humor based characters are a cakewalk for him and does it again. His dialogue delivery, simple mannerisms, indigenous comic timing and emotional factors carried the total run. All in all, he was just effortless as Adithya. Debutant heroine Anu Emmanuel resembled a little of Gouri Pandit (Andhrudu fame) and Anita Galler (Maro Charitra fame). She isn’t gorgeous but her performance was more than ok. Priya Shri is infirm in a brainless character. Vennela Kishore tried to evoke laughter as taxi driver. Raj Tharun and SS Rajamouli cameos are just average. Among the rest like Sathya Krishnan, Raj Madiraju is just meant for name sake.

Majnu Advantages:


Gopi Sunder Music

Good Camera Work

Majnu Drawbacks:

Bad Story

Cliché Scenes

Weak Heroines

No Laugh Out Louder Moments

Boring, Lengthy Second Half

Unconvincing Characterizations

Majnu Rating Analysis: After watching these kinds of quotidian romantic stuffs every week, one doesn’t feel the satisfaction of Bhale Bhale Magadivoy or at least Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gadha. In one perspective, Nani made a mistake picking an undemanding script which provides him nothing to prove. From Mega Star Chiranjeevi to Natural Star Nani, content is the sole driving force for any film. Their performances add mere extra value to presentation magnifying the impact at Box Office. 

After playing majorly on family sentiments and romantic emotions in debut flick ‘Uyyala Jampala,’ director Virinchi lost his touch in dealing this youthful triangular love story. Central conflict between three leads wasn’t holding audience interest and drive was literally dry killing the excitement. 

Opening the movie on Rajamouli and Nani was a brilliant move to keep us surprised. Following scenes on playing with petty goons for ‘Bahubali’ artist selection were overstretched. Nani, Priya Shri track hasn’t got any sparks. Flashback love story of Nani, Anu originating in Bheemavaram was more of time pass added with three songs. Break up episode is silliest of all. Interval block isn’t astonishing or unexpected.

Into the second half, Virinchi was falling short of honesty in content. To kill the time, Vennela Kishore track went unproductive. Everything from here on goes on anticipated lines with a mild comic touch. Climax and pre climax is an orderly arrangement of routine material. Raj Tharun and Priya Shri lost their spine towards the end. 

‘Majnu’ is not a wise choice from Nani at this career stage. He shouldered the movie solely with no proper support from story, script and artists. If you are a hardcore Nani Fan, Majnu is acceptably one time watch else it’s a weak product. CJ goes rating ‘Majnu’ with 2.5 stars. Commercially, ‘Majnu’ is a gamble for buyers because the film is sold at exuberant prices all over.               

Cinejosh Majnu Verdict: A Routine Love Triangle

                                                           Cinejosh Majnu Rating: 2.5/5.0

                                                                                      Reviewed by Srivaas

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