Majili Review

Majili Review
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Director: Shiva Nirvana
Producer: Sahu Garapati, Harish Peddi
Release Date: Fri 05th Apr 2019
Actors: Naga Chaitanya
Majili Rating: 2.75 / 5
Majili Punchline: More Pain, Less Love

Majili Review, What’s Behind?

More than anything else, movie buffs waited keenly for this film, as they wanted to see Naga Chaitanya and Samantha’s first time romance on screen after their marriage. The other encouraging aspects are the film is directed by Shiva Nirvana of Ninnu Kori fame and each promotional content was well received. Will Majili become a memorable one for both Chay and Sam? Let’s see.

Majili Story Review:

Purna (Naga Chaitanya) is a happy go lucky guy until his father warns to take up his cricket career seriously. Purna then joins a local team with a hope of playing for Railways Team. Meanwhile, he accidentally meets Anshu (Divyansha Kaushik), daughter of a navy officer. They in no time become friends and this relationship develops into love. However, Purna is forced to marry another girl Sravani (Samantha), after his girlfriend disappears one day and his cricket career too is spoiled. Who is Sravani? Why she accepts to marry a spoilt youth? Will Purna ever accept her? Where did Anshu go?

Majili Artists, Technicians Review:

With his very first film, Shiva Nirvana proved to be a mature maker for precisely dealing a very sensitive subject. This time, he narrated journey of a love and career failure individual who in unforeseen condition is forced to marry another girl. The line sounds aged and routine. However, Shiva with his skillful writing and direction made it look like a different film. There is love, there is pain, there is humor, there is emotion, what not; the film has all the emotions, but sentiment in high dose. He did magic with screenplay, though he took cinematic liberty. He narrated two different stories in two halves. In the process, he gave importance to each and every character which has its own important. There’s no single character that you feel is unnecessary. Above all, only a qualified writer-director can deal such subjects which have so many shades and emotions. Few dialogues like Neeku Amma Elago, Naaku Thanu Alaaga… Manam Love Letter Meeda Rasukunna Ammayi Peru Wedding Card Pai Undadu Raa… will be remembered for long.

Coming to other technicians, Gopi Sundar and Thaman gave life to the film with their soulful music. While songs by Gopi Sundar are so soothing and are addictive, background music by Thaman is poignant. Vishnu Sharma cinematography is vivid. Prawin Pudi’s cuts are sharp. Production values of Shine Screens are top notch. You indeed will travel the length of the journey of Purna as a co-passenger, feeling his emotions so closely and devotedly, because of the technical brilliance.

Onto performances, it’s a tailor-made role for Naga Chaitanya who after long after Ye Maaya Chesave has come up with a mature performance. There are lots of shades in his character and we find the difference in his body language, attitude and physical appearance in the role of two different time periods. He makes us laugh at times and feel sorry at other times. That’s because of the variation he has shown in the character. Samantha, on the other hand, is so genuine. The way she adores her hubby, we feel pity for her every time. The chemistry is so pure. Divyansha Kaushik looked ordinary, looks wise and on performance front. Rao Ramesh is one of the biggest assets and he is at his usual best. Posani Krishna Murali is good and Subbaraju is apt for the role with negative shades. Other artists were cool.

Majili Review Advantages:

Naga Chaitanya, Samantha





Majili Review Drawbacks:

Over Sentimental

Few Boring Scenes

Cinematic Twist

Majili Review, Rating Analysis:

Most of the people come across two biggest challenges in their life which come at very same time- love and career. One will sacrifice his career for love, some others sacrifice life for career, wherein very few people becomes successful in taking their relationship to next level and achieving career goals. Though our protagonist is neither successful in personal, professional front and he has bumpy circumstances face, the journey appears so interesting because of honest attempt from Shiva Nirvana.

Movie begins with Purna coming to taking up umpiring job for final of a cricket tournament which shows his love and passion for the game. The moment he enters a very special room of his in a star hotel, we are taken to his past and youthful life. It’s a step by step process of how he becomes serious about his career, how he gets place in a team and how he wins games for his team. Ever since he meets a gorgeous girl Anshu, the genre is switched to romance. The romantic track is regular, yet fascinating. Meanwhile, innocence of a youngster is shown in an episode when Anshu asks him for some ‘private space’. After the heartbreak and Sravani’s entry as Purna’s wife, the story heads to intermission.

Latter half starts on emotional note with Sravani taking utmost care about her distressed hubby, no matter who complains about him. Who’s this Sravani? Why she made sudden appearance as Purna’s wife? Why she is very much concerned about Purna? All these doubts get cleared in a flashback episode where Sravani’s one-side love story is narrated. Still, the track appears non-contemporary. Then, a cinematic twist in the tale with a teenage girl’s entry. Who this girl is? What’s her connection with Sravani? Why Purna takes her career responsibility? Why Sravani supports him again? What changes she bring in Purna and Sravani’s life? Will Purna ever accept Sravani as his wife? Well, movie ends on a happy note.

All in all, Majili is a film with excess pain, wherein the love part is not that strong. Different people will connect with a different character. However, heavy emotions will bother youth. CJ goes with 2.75 star rating and the movie will connect to family audience, though youth may not enjoy it that much.


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