Mahatma Movie Review

Mahatma Movie Review
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Behind the movie "Mahatma":
People of Andhra eagerly waited for the movie of “Mahatma” for various reasons. If one is Director Krishna Vamshi’s caliber, other is Hero Srikanth’s 100th movie. One more reason is that movie was drawn into various controversies, which raised the expectations of the movie.

In the movie "Mahatma":
Story of the movie revolves around Das (Srikanth), a street rowdy in Gandhi Nagar, Hyderabad. He gets involved in all sorts of crimes with his tapori gang which has Uttej, Suspended Constable Paruchuri and others, only for the sake of money. His adda is Gandhi statue in Gandhinagar. But he is continuously saved by advocate Krishnaveni (Bhavana), who loves Das for his innocence. Soon Das decides to become a cinema Hero and attends before Dada (Jayaprakash Reddy) who is the MLA of that area. Das does everything for Dada and Dada utilizes him for wrong political reasons as he has got settlements to do with Kalaa Raani (Jyothi), Minister from the same party of Dada. In this fight, Dada’s son Paidi gets involved in a murder and looses his eligibility to compete the elections. In the very next scene, when Dada requests Das to take the crime on his shoulders and relieve his son, Das shows his heroism and challenges Dada to compete against him and win the elections. How Das establishes the Mahatma Gandhi Political Party, how he transforms his path from Rowdism to Gandhism, how he gets enlightened by Bellary (Jagan), what happens to Dada and his family? are the things that are to be seen on the silver screen.

Values of the movie "Mahatma":
Krishna Vamshi, who always comes out with contemporary issues in the society has this time come out with a wonderful story of “Mahatma”. Whole first half was tried to entertain the audience with slow movement in the actual Story. From the very first moment of second half, Krishna Vamshi has shown his enormous talent of elevating the scene emotionally and got connected to every heart in the theatre. Although, “Mahatma” is not a regular masala movie, Krishna Vamshi has done his best to add that commercial and mass touch. Dialogues by Paruchuri Brothers are gripping and send a strong message into audience. Photography was good, Editing was crisp. Music by Vijay Antony shined through out the movie. Especially “Konthmandi Inti Peru Kaadura Gandhi…” is mind blowing. Lyrically it is the best from Sirivennela and also picturised very well. From the very first title that is rolled on the screen till the climax, in every moment the essence of Krishna Vamshi was intact.

Srikanth has blown life into the role Das. In many of the scenes, he tried to imitate Chiranjeevi undoubtedly. Irrespective of the story, Srikanth tried to bring every Politician like YSR, Chandra Babu, Chiranjeevi into the movie contextually and tried to imitate them. In the second half, the transformation of Rowdi Das into Das with Gandhi morales has been done well by Srikanth. Bhavana, looked perfect for Srikanth and performed well. Without any make up on her face, she looked apt for the role. Uttej, Paruchuri as members of the gang performed well. Jagan has done the role of his life. The scene where he goes with the song of “Gandhi” and is killed in the get up of Gandhi has got huge response among the audience. Jaya Prakash Reddy also has done his role very well. Brahmanandam tried to evoke laughter for a while but not perfectly clicked.

Out of the Movie "Mahatma":
Final output which Krishna Vamshi has expected from “Mahatma” might have come out, but more then that this movie has come out as a serious Political satire. Much of the time, “Mahatma” was concentrated on Political issues, Money and Muscle power and their effect on Politics. Real core of “Mahatma” was dealt only in the later part of second half. If you are looking for a serious movie with enough message, go for “Mahatma” without any doubt in the mind. The real “Mahatma” (Divine Soul) of the movie I feel is Krishna Vamshi.

"Mahatma" ”Cine Josh” Verdict: Good movie with a wonderful message.  


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