Madhura Wines Review

Madhura Wines Review
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Director: Jaya Kishore B
Producer: Rajesh Kodepu, Srujan Yarabolu
Release Date: Fri 22nd Oct 2021
Actors: Sunny Naveen
Madhura Wines Rating: 2.25 / 5
Madhura Wines Punchline: Not Properly Mixed

What's Behind

Madhura Wines directed by Jaya Kishore captured the imagination of all with the unique and attractive title. The film hit the screens today and let us see what it offered to movie lovers.

Story Review

Ajay (Sunny Naveen) is a youngster who couldn't forget his girlfriend Madhura who disappeared from his life. He is unable to move ahead after the breakup and is survived by his deaf and dumb father. He always spends time at Madhura Wines owned by Anand Rao (Sammohit Tumuluri). Ajay comes across Anjali (Seema Chowdhary) and after initial hiccups both get attracted to each other. Even as Ajay enjoys his relationship with Anand Rao and his love life with Anjali, he gets a huge shock. To find out where it leads to and how his friend Leela (Leela Venkatesh), Bosu (Harish Roshan), Ramachandra (Allu Ramesh) are connected to it, watch Madhura Wines.

Artists, Technicians Review

Jaya Kishore came with an attractive title Madhura Wines to generate interest among movie lovers. He starts off the narration in an interesting manner weaving a story around Madhura and how a youngster's life gets affected. But he quickly comes out of it and from the girl Madhura, it revolves around Madhura Wines shop and its owner and the changes it brings in his and his sister's life due to the protagonist. The first half is passable as the first half an hour narration goes on revolving around the girl Madhura and then hero and heroine getting closer in the process. The first half ends on a predictable note but paved the way for an interesting second half.

However, the narration nose dives in the second half with routine elements creeping in. With a lack of commercial and entertaining elements, the second half ends in testing the patience of the viewers. The slow pace in the narration acts as another negative. Dialogues are good, thought-provoking, and hard-hitting and but at times they turned preachy. The film ended with an open-ended question in an interesting manner leaving it for the viewers to guess. Jaya Kishore came with an interesting story but after a point, he lost the plot with his screenplay and direction.

Ajay performed well in his role. He slipped into the role effortlessly and showed good expressions and emotions as a drunkard, heartbroken lover, person in love, and changed son. Seema Chowdhary did well in the role of Anjali. Sammohit Tumuluri came with a natural and realistic performance. His emotions and expressions elevated the scenes. Leela Venkatesh as friend did well. Others like Allu Ramesh, Harish Roshan played their roles accordingly.

Jay Krish, Karthik Rodriguez's music is good. The songs are well shot. Background music made a good impression. Mohan Chary's cinematography is natural and realistic. He captured the scenic locations and used camera angles to perfection. Vara Prasad's editing left a lot to be desired. The narration is slow-paced and though the first half is ok, the second half tested the patience of the viewers with a lot of drags. Production values are ok.


Sunny Naveen, Sammohit Tumuluri






Slow pace


Repetitive scenes

Routine elements

Preachy at times

Rating Analysis

Jaya Kishore's Madhura Wines attracts with the title. The narration starts off on an interesting note and good dialogues appeal to viewers. But the director lost steam routine screenplay and direction did not help the cause. A little bit of fine-tuning of the script would have got better results. Considering all these elements, CJ goes with a 2.25 rating to Madhura Wines.


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