Madata Kaja Movie Review

Madata Kaja Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Madata Kaja: Minimum guarantee hero Allari Naresh’s ‘Madata Kaja’ has taken on the maximum range of Mahesh Babu’s hit ‘Dookudu.’ Though Telangana bandh halted the release, here is a review that tells how sweet and how delicious is Naresh’s Kaja?

In the Movie Madata Kaja: Kalyan (Allari Naresh) is a go lucky dude working as police informer for Circle Inspector Sai Kumar (Dhrmavarapu) in Vizag. It is yet again the love at first sight for Kalyan seeing the beautiful girl Swapna (Sneha Ullal).After a deceptive sketch she too falls in love with Kalyan.

Meanwhile in Hyderabad there are rivals KP (Ahuthi Prasad) and JP (Jayaparakash Reddy) working under International Mafia Don Nanda (Ashish Vidyarthi). The silly and frequent quarrels between KP, JP bring business losses to Nanda. He then sketches a plan for marriage of KP’s daughter Swapna with JP’s son Ajay (Subba Raju) to end their rivalry and become united. 

When KP calls his daughter to come Hyderabad, same time is the call from Police Commissioner to Kalyan to arrive in Hyderabad for monitoring the movements of JP, KP and Nanda. Knowing the situation of Swapna, hero Kalyan with the help of sub-ordinate cop (Ali) kidnaps Ajay and he himself enters into KP’s house deceiving them as JP’s son.  Ajay is kept in the control of lady police (Mariam Zakhari), who disguises as Swapna. In parallel enters Das (Jeeva) and Puli (RaghuBabu), accomplices of Nanda who finds that Kalyan is misleading. How Kalyan gave ‘Madata Kaja’ to every one winning his love Swapna and handovers KP, JP and Nanda to Police forms the rest.

Values of the Movie Madata Kaja: Repeatedly Allari Naresh selects a role that looks like cakewalk for his ease in comic timing. This film brings out spoofing talent in Naresh. With nothing special offered from his side, Naresh is passable. Sneha Ullal is cute but is expressionless in every frame. Next character worth winning the laughs in theatre is of Jaya Prakash Reddy. Though a routine one, he comes out on top. Ahuthi Prasad is also okay. Dharmavarapu, Vennela Kishore take care of first half gap filling comedy situations while second half same was done by Jeeva and Raghu Babu. While Subba Raju is fine, Mariam is hot. Remaining others are also passable.                       

Technicalities wise more than director Seetharama Raju, it was the duty of Vegeshna sathish to spill humor with his dialogues. Though he gave some strength with witty play, characters could not support him. Story is a nice cocktail of Mirapakay and Don Seenu. Script becomes weak in many occasions. Given the nature of a comedy film, we can forgive. Music by Vasant is pleasing in two songs and background wise he impressed. Editing by Marthand and Cinematography by Vijay Kumar are also a good work. Production values of Vedaraju are good.

Out of the Movie Madata Kaja: Audiences have got addicted to no sense comedy and that makes directors to cross the limits in taking cinematic liberties. Everything in the movie lacks logic. While other directors who take freedom of forgetting the sense of reasoning come up with non stop humorous situations, Madata Kaja traverses through unexciting and boring moments. Director repeating the make believe drama with entry of Ashish Vidyarthi in second half shows that he was lacking in script solidarity. Given the kind of competition prevailing in market with ‘Dookudu’ released and ‘Oosaravelli’s et to release tomorrow, we can’t expect ‘Madata Kaja’ to give both these films a Kaja. Surely Naresh could not outwit any of his rivals in market. May be a time pass entertainer but this one lacks the punch and taste what Naresh usually offered in past films.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Madata Kaja: This Kaja has No Juice…there is only ‘Madata.’

                                                                               Reviewed by Srivaas

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