Maa Neella Tank Review

Maa Neella Tank Review
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Director: Lakshmi Sowjanya
Producer: Praveen Kolla
Release Date: Fri 15th Jul 2022
Actors: Sushanth
Maa Neella Tank telugu movie Rating: 1.5 / 5
Maa Neella Tank telugu movie Punchline: Maa Neella Tank lacks novel track

What's Behind

Sushanth is making his debut on OTT with the web series crazily titled Maa Neella Tank. It is directed by Lakshmi Sowjanya of Varudu Kaavalenu fame. Let us see what impact Maa Neella Tank made on viewers.

Story Review

Lakshman (Sudarshan) son of Buchivolu village sarpanch Kodandam (Prem Sagar) and Chamundi (Nirhosha) climbs to the top of the water tank. The sarpanch ropes in SI Vamsi (Sushant) to sort out the issue amicably. To findout why Lakshman climbed the tank and how his relation with his father Kodandam and what it has got to do with his girl friend Surekha (Priya Anand), one has to watch Maa Neela Tank on Zee5.

Artists,Technicians Review

The story for the web series is provided by Raj Sribishth along with actor Suresh. Though planned to direct it, due to unavoidable circumstances, Lakshmi Sowjanya turned the director. Lakshmi Sowjanya planned to entertain viewers with a hilarious webseries in the rural backdrop. She came up with a good idea and came up with a decent script. However she failed with her narration and execution. Lakshmi Sowjanya dragged all the episodes including one comedy scene that disappear in a minute. The romantic track fail to generate interest and to the top of it she came with an unconvincing climax.

Sushanth tried to be different in his getup and mannerisms as a SI in a village. He came up with different slang to generate interest among the viewers. Sushanth performed with ease but the role is not that challenging which would have tested his acting skills. Any actor could have done the role. Wonder why Sushanth signed the webseries. Though he is the SI, no where in the series police station is shown. Priya Anand performed well in the emotional scenes. Sudarshan got a prominent role and did well.He got more screen presence compared to Sushanth.

The scenes involving Sudarshan and Prem Sagar attract to some extent. Prem Sagar tried new mannerisms with his dialogue delivery.Appaji Ambarish performed well in the emotional scenes as the father of Priya Anand. Bigg Boss fame Divi Vadtya got very limited screen presence. Ramaraju,Nirosha, and Annapurna performed accordingly.

Technical values are just average. Aravind Vishwanath's cinematography is good and he showcased the rural atmosphere in a realistic manner. Naren RK Siddhartha's music is ok and he failed to elevate the scenes with his BGM. The editing of Kotagairi Venkateshwar Rao left a lot to be desired. There are many scenes that dragged the pace of the film. Production values are ok.


Few comedy scenes

Support Cast


Slow Pace

Missing connectivity


Rating Analysis

Lakshmi Sowjanya tried to attract viewers with hilarious comedy in the rural backdrop in Maa Neella Tank with Sushanth in the lead. However, she failed to come up with any comedy scenes in the web series. Even after the patient watch, viewers cannot recollect a comedy track worth mentioning. Though the support cast performed well, Sushanth and Priya Anand could have come with more variations. But they couldn't be blamed as Lakshmi Sowjanya's story turned out to be routine and writing left a lot to be desired. Overall the story, screenplay, and direction turned out to be weak. She lacked clarity in her narration and this led to the missing connectivity between various episodes. Considering all these elements CJ goes with a 1.25 rating for Maa Neella Tank.


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