Maa Annayya Bangaram Movie Review

Maa Annayya Bangaram Movie Review
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Director: onnalagadda Bhupathi
Producer: Natti Kumar
Release Date: Sat 31st Jul 2010
Actors: Rajasekhar
Maa Annayya Bangaram Movie Rating: 2 / 5
Punchline: Maa Annayya Bangaram - This time Rajasekhar is not Maa Annayya

Behind the Movie Maa Annayya Bangaram: Angry man Rajasekhar who fell flat with all his last ventures is desperately looking for a break. With no other weapons left in his arm, Rajasekhar once again relied on brother sentiment from failed director Jonnalagadda Srinivas (Srinu). With Kamalinee Mukherjee as heroine, small time player Natti Kumar tried it big time. Let us see, did this movie really turn Bangaram for Annayya Rajasekhar.

In the Movie Maa Annayya Bangaram: Shivaji (Rajasekhar), is the responsible elder brother who is nothing less than a father and mother for his six brothers (Rohith, Raj Kiran, Yeshwant, Aditya Om, Ping Pong and Bharath). Loosing their parents at very small age, Shivaji challenges his uncle Subba Raidu (Sayaji Shinde) to groom his brothers into a collector, doctor, music directors, military officer and hotelier. Naturally looking at Shivaji’s sacrifice, all six brothers look upon elder ones with awe and respect. This family has a big support in the form of one more uncle Parameshwar Rao (Jayaprakash Reddy) who forces all the time Shivaji for marriage.

Naturally when all the six borthers request for a ‘Vadina,’ Shivaji accepts and finalizes on Manju (Kamalini Mukherjee). Here is the twist, Manju’s sister Nandini (Jhansi) is upset with her married life after becoming part of a big joint family. Unable to do service to the family members, Nandini divorces husband and doesn’t want the same to happen for her sister. So, she believes in small, nuclear family to offer the hand of Manju.

As Shivaji falls instantly in love with Manju, Parameshwar Rao hides about the six brothers of Shivaji and settles the marriage. Manju now enters the family of Shivaji, then the secret is busted and she leaves back to her sister. Six brothers looking at the condition of Shivaji missing the company of Manju sign an agreement with Nandini to leave their brother once for all.

One by one, all five brothers get away from Shivaji in the name of career and settlement. That’s too late, Manju is now pregnant and she starts slowly understanding the vaules of a a joint family. At this moment when director is trying hard for climax, here comes Subba Raidu suddenly attacking the six brothers and Manju getting into pains for delivery. As expected, Shivaji will start beating the goons saving brothers while all five brothers together start saving their Vadina by doing delivery on the spot. How did Manju and Nandini realise their mistake about a Joint family? How did all the six concentrate on their career? form rest of climax.

Values of the Movie Maa Annayya Bangaram: Sai Kumar once again rendering the voice for Rajasekhar elevated the charater of Shivaji. Acting wise, Rajasekhar has done enough of these kind of roles from 1980’s and it’s a cake walk. For Kamalini, this is different meal which was never tasted. Dancing to heavy numbers in foreign locations, little of skin show, glamor, shedding tears and more of drama. Clear, she is not that kind of. Character of Jhansi resembles to her real life. She is justified. Remaining six brothers are just for name sake and nothing significant for them to perform. Jayaprakash Reddy was better while Sayaji Shinde, Brahmanandam, Saththenna and others has nothing to play.

Techncially this story dates back to 1970 and 80’s tested more than 100’s of times. Yet, Bhupathiraja tries to bring more juice from this beaten pulp. Screenplay was shoddy that focus of the movie is shifted from brothers to wife and entire drama fails to offer the flavor and message correctly. Dialogues from Paruchuri Brothers are routine except sparkles now and then in glitches. Music by SA Raj Kumar is disappointing while background score is pale and dim. Photography and Edititng sections were dealt neat. Production values of Natti Kumar were decent.

Out of the Movie Maa Annayya Bangaram: Plot was exactly to discuss the dichotomy between Joint Families, Traditional values Vs Nuclear Familes, Urban values. Both have their own advantages depending upon the family members who face it. Director took tha plain path of narration but was totally drowned in drama between husband and wife failing to carve the   characterisations of six brothers. Screenplay went through wrong loops ending mundane.

Episodes of Brahmanandam as thief, Srimantham of heroine, bringing the family of Chalapathi Rao in the opposite house of hero to change the mindset of heroine aren’t justified and ended no use to the story. Hero explaining about ‘Shodasha Karmalu’ is director’s failed stunt and a pathetic Karma for  dialogue writers. There are many blunders in the movie which make audience to catch their heads very often.

Ofcourse these kind of movies are targeted at a section of family audience in B & C centres but they too are clever and can understand the minimum logics which are missed big time in this movie. If first half was meant for introduction, failed comedy, action, romance between lead pair and getting to the core point; second half was wasted leaving the core point to air and moving along different lines of treatment leading to a hurried climax.

Rajasekhar who delivered sentimental hit movies like ‘Akka Mogudu’, ‘Maa Annayya’ and many more failed this time. Episodes in first half where Rajasekhar indirectly speaks about his real life character and taking the name of Chiranjeevi as most popular in the state were received well by audience.  

Rajasekhar’s presence, Kamalini’s glamor, few sentimental episodes in second half are treated postitves; no comedy, unimpressive characterisations, lacking of emotion, blunders in scripting, confused direction are weighty negatives for this movie.

Movie may have a week or two of its run in B & C centres while A clearly reject it.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Maa Annayya Bangaram:
This time Rajasekhar is not ‘Maa Annayya’

                                                                                                              Reviewed by Srivaas

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