Lucky Movie Review

Lucky Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Lucky: Srikanth is almost a forgotten family hero who is cahsed by bad luck from last few years. At this juncture, he is coming up with an entertaining filmbased on comedy directed by Hari. Let us see, how far this film could save his bad run?

In the Movie Lucky: Lakshmi Narasimha called as Lucky (Srikanth), working for a Travel Agency under the lady boss (Roja) has many complaints on his unsatisfied life. He feels that Women are origin for many problems faced by men. So, he keeps away from ladies all the time living a middle calss life with wife (Meghna Raj), father (AVS), mother (Sana) and grand motehr, sister. Story takes a neat turn when Lucky goes on a Hoenymoon trip to become a Master in reading mentality and thoughts of women. However, it is  Dr. Sathya (Geetha) who brings a change in attitude of Lucky and he slowly begins to develop positive belief. All of the sudden, a new twist haunts the handsome Lucky and how is a terrorist plot linked to this is rest of climax.

Values & Out of the Movie Lucky: Strictly speaking except Srikanth there is nothing in this which can keep us glued to the screens. His charming looks will be a treat for family audience. Due to lack of quality content and gripping narration from director Hari, graph falls flat to end on an inconvincing note. After 'Bendu Appa Rao,' this was a chance for Meghna Raj to prove a point but she did not have any scope to excel. Same applies to Roja, AVS, Sana, Ali, Geetha. Comedy by Brahmi was weak while Taaguboth Ramesh lasted for only few minutes. 

On technical front, Hari has got a neat time pass plot on hand. The way he executed the same on screen showed immaturity and lack of experience. By the time we go into second half, Hari is confused where to get the end card and the way terrorist plot is attached to this light hearted subject is quite silly. Especially, when Srikanth gets into stage of understanding each of his family member is although a routine script yet Hari failed to elevate the emotion. Cinematography of Srinivas Reddy is an average work while editing by Nagi Reddy could have been better. Music composed by Sai Karthik hasn't done a cent of good to the overall output. Core success value of this kind of a flick lies in Dialogues department and Hari failed here too. Production values Rajarajeshwari Pictures are just passable.

First half is a big engaging with hilarious episodes here and there. Second half has many distractions with dramatically boring episodes. Overall, if you are missing Srikanth from a while and wanted to see him in flow...go to 'Lucky' else stay away. Chances are very bleak for Srikanth to secure a hit with this film. As promotion is totally weak, even minimum guarantee is doubted.   

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Lucky: Unfortunately Srikanth is again Unlucky!

                                                                                           Reviewed by Srivaas

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