Lucky Lakshman Review

Lucky Lakshman Review
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Director: AR Abhi
Producer: Haritha Gogineni
Release Date: Fri 30th Dec 2022
Actors: Syed Sohel, Moksha, Deviprasad, Raja Ravindra etc
Lucky Lakshman Movie Rating: 1.5 / 5
Punchline: Lucky Lakshman - Luck can't save Lakshman

Lucky Lakshman Movie : What's Behind

Bigg Boss fame Syed Sohel is coming to entertain movie lovers with his film Lucky Lakshman. The film directed by AR Abhi is reieasing on 31 December 2022. The film's OTT partner is yet to be finalised and will be done in the upcoming days. Let us findout what Sohel offered to movie lovers at the year end.

Lucky Lakshman : Story Review

Lucky Lakshman's story is all about a youngster who experiences personal upheavals in his family and love life and how he deals with them and emerges successful. Lucky Lakshman (Syed Sohel) stays away from girls due to his family situation. In college, he comes close to a rich girl Shreya(Moksha). But their Romantic life gets rocked due to unavoidable circumstances. To find out why Lakshman avoids girls and what happened to his love life, how it is connected to his parents (Devi Prasad, Sridevi Kumar), childhood friends Charan, Kiran( Jabardasth Karthik, Yaddama Raju), coffee shop owner (Sameer), his father's friend (Kadambari Kiran) should be found on the screen.

Lucky Lakshman : Artists Review

Bigg Boss fame Syed Sohel tried his best on the screen to impress all his fans and movie lovers. Despite his efforts, he failed to make an impression. While at times, he fell short of expressions, on other occasions he overdid it, ending up testing the patience of the viewers. He did well showing good emotions during the climax. However, he should work hard on his screen presence, dialogue delivery, expressions, and emotions to reach the next level to entertain his fans.

Moksha looked good on screen. Her performance is ok. Devi Prasad, Sameer, and Raja Ravindra performed accordingly.  Kadambari Kiran, Shani Salmon Anurag, Ameen, Sridevi Kumar, Racha Ravi, Jabardhasth Karthik, Geethu Royal, and Yadamma Raju performed as per the story.

Lucky Lakshman : Technicians Review

Lucky Lakshman's story readied by AR Abhi deals with the youngster's issues with his family, friends, lover etc, and how it impacted his personal life. Abhi's story lacked freshness and he treaded on the tried and tested path. The top of it, he took his own sweet time to come into the story and the flashback at the start itself takes around 15 minutes which puts off the viewers. Sohel failed to elevate the scenes with his performance and the routine, predictable narration did not help the proceedings.

Finally, after the love and breakup, the director takes a break giving respite to the viewers with the interval with a satire on himself through Sameer who breaks the coffee cup and says 'ilaatni katha vinnannduku oka break kavali'. The second half plunges down and it goes on and on with the entry of the hero's friends and their silly plans to establish a marriage bureau. Only during the end, some powerful emotions highlighting love, emotions, and parents bonding acted as a saving grace to the already sunk film.

The music of Anup Rubens is just ok. None of the songs get registered with the listeners. The background score just followed the film's genre and it just complimented but did not add punch. The cinematography of Andrew is just ok. He couldn't elevate the scenes adding richness with the camera angles. Pravin Pudi seems to have forgotten the editing scissors as there are many unnecessary scenes that dragged the pace of the film. Production values of Vaishnavi Arts and Dattatreya Media are just average. They resembled the 80s TV serials.

Lucky Lakshman : Advantages

  • Syed Sohel
  • Few emotions in the climax

Lucky Lakshman : Disadvantages

  • Slow Pace
  • Weak Story
  • Routine Elements

Lucky Lakshman : Rating Analysis

Altogether, Bigg Boss fame Syed Sohel has a huge fan following and Sohel Army is known for activism on social media. AR Abhi tried to cash it with him as Lucky Lakshman. The title sent positive vibes but once viewers enter the theatres, all those vibes will disappear. Lucky Lakshman turns listless Lakshmanas AR Abhi. came up with a story that resembled a TV serial and one feels that even TV serials would have made a better impact. Viewers are not connected to emotions and are put off by amateurish performances. The satire in the story by Sameer with his dialogues on Sohel is apt for Lucky Lakshman. Routine monotonous elements and a lack of twists and thrills turned Lucky Lakshman into boring fare. On a Whole, Lucky Lakshman with its insipid screenplay and rudderless direction failed miserably in its attempt to entertain viewers. Considering all these elements, Cinejosh goes with a 1.5 Rating for Lucky Lakshman.

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