Luckunnodu Review

Luckunnodu Review
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Director: Raj Kiran
Producer: M.V.V.Satyanarayana
Release Date: Thu 26th Jan 2017
Actors: Manchu Vishnu
Luckunnodu Movie Rating: 2.25 / 5
Punchline: Luckunnodu - Completely Out-of-Luck

Luckunnodu Review, What’s Behind: Manchu Vishnu and apple beauty Hansika Motwani’s combo film in Raaja Kiran direction is released today. Produced by MVV Satyanarayana, let’s see how lucky are the audience watching this movie?

Luckunnodu Story: Lucky (Manchu Vishnu) is regarded as an unlucky son for his family headed by father (Jayaprakash). He is also considered a bad omen even by friends from childhood days. One day, Lucky faces the charge of mislaying Rs.25 Lakhs money saved for sister’s marriage and his girlfriend Positive Padma (Hansika Motwani) also leaves him. In a hopeless situation, Lucky decides to commit suicide and here comes the twist. An anonymous guy (Shravan) leaves Rs.25 Crores cash in Lucky’s room and dies in an accident. This cash has a direct link with goon (MVV Satyanarayana) from Mumbai and Lucky also has a personal rivalry with him.

Luckunnodu Artists and Technicians: Basic story of Rs. 25 Crores new currency (Rs. 2000 notes) robbery blended with father-son family sentiment went unsightly with abysmally written screenplay and awful direction. Thievery scenes shown before starting titles actually revealed the thrilling element in story. Rest of poor tracks and feeble screenplay written for Vishnu, Hansika and friends Prabhas Srinu, Sathyam Rajesh only exposed the shallowness. Scripts weaved around a heist should mandatorily have exciting twists, sharp turns to engage audience. Unfortunately, the pale script is muted further in Raaja Kiran direction. Diamond Rathna Babu’s dialogues defied minimal logics. PG Vinda camera work is uninspiring and so is the editing department. Three music directors Achu, Praveen Lakkapudi for songs and background score from Chinna, bad luck none of them proved useful. Production standards from MVV Cinema banner are average.

Onto performances, Vishnu Manchu hasn’t got anything out of box to show his acting prowess. Lighter vein comedy with friends, teasing the heroine in so called romantic track, challenging the villain towards climax and in between emotional bond with father… every shade in protagonist characterization is innumerably tested. Being positive, Vishnu has nothing to do here except textbook acting. One more positive thinking and Hansika Motwani may get worse characters than this in future. MVV Satyanarayana as antagonist, let me think how his acting skills can be analyzed positively? Rajya Lakshmi, Jayaprakash as Vishnu’s parents are unlucky part of the film. Hero’s friends Sathyam Rajesh, Prabhas Srinu and villain’s sidekicks Posani, Fish Venkat are also a part of fare. Thanikella, Vennela Kishore and rest of the artists, we have nothing to mention more.

Luckunnodu Advantages:

Negatively Speaking Everything Is Good.

Luckunnodu Disadvantages:

Positively Speaking Everything Is Bad.

Luckunnodu Rating Analysis: ‘Geethanjali’ has set a decent benchmark for Raaja Kiran’s directorial abilities. While ‘Tripura’ bought him one step down, ‘Luckunnodu’ pulled him down and down. A storyline which could have been a wholesome entertainer with various sub-threads and multiple characters is foolishly dealt with. Raaj Kiran pathetically failed as director. Good Luck Vs Bad Luck and Be Positive elements have tested the patience. Nowhere, the director created an impact or succeeded in absorbing viewers’ interest.

Before titles, the robbery scene with improper lip sync elucidated team’s sorrows in fusing the contemporary currency ban into their basic storyline. Into other part of story, Vishnu’s flashback narration to Prabhas Srinu is one weak part. Romance between Vishnu and Hansika never ripened. Hansika’s positive family episode is largely inspired from Shruti Hasan family in ‘Race Gurram.’ Then MVV Satyanarayana, Shravan back into action is a little fine and 10 minutes to pre-interval is exciting enough.

If expected a similar treatment in second half, director falls flat with amateur driving. Entry of Police Officer (Suresh) and Vishnu’s childhood flashback episodes connected with villain’s character are surely a silly stuff. Such kind of ridicule scenes come one after other like Vishnu investing 1 Crore on horse racing, 4 Crores on cricket betting and 20 Crores on film production. Reactions for these actions on Posani, Fish Venkat and MVV are ludicrous. In between Hansika comes in for a song. What’s more, pre climax and climax are cockeyed. 

All in all, ‘Luckunnodu’ is a very weak film with weak screenplay and bad direction. It’s real hard luck for Vishnu to believe in a void script. Either Hansika’s or so many seasoned artists appearing on the screen, none of them can bring a life. Cinejosh goes with 2 stars rating just to respect ‘Luckunnodu’ because it’s a feature film. Commercially, it could be an unhappy result.

Luckunnodu Cinejosh Verdict: Completely Out-of-Luck

                                                          Luckunnodu Cinejosh Rating: 2.0/5.0

                                                                                                    Reviewed by Srivaas

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