Love You Bangaram Review

Love You Bangaram Review
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Behind the Movie LYB: Maker Maruthi developed a brand and market of his own by capturing the mindset of lower class youth audience in B & C centers winning the title of ‘Boothu.’ Nothing much audience can expect from ‘LYB’ as the content we see from promotional materials. Let us see how far Maruthi and his director Govi made this film as a youthful entertainer?

In the Movie LYB: Akash (Rahul) is an insecure, grabby and innocent Assistant Manager for Celkon Mobiles in Vizag. He meets the opposite pole of confident, dynamic and free moving Meenakshi (Shravya). They both attract for each other as per the basic principle of Telugu cinema. After few dragged sequences in development of love, they marry against wishes of hopeless parents separated on political lines. Luck favors Rahul as he is promoted as Manager of Celkon Mobiles and is transferred to Hyderabad. Once the married and independent life of Akash, Meenakshi begin on happy note with lot of bed room s-excitements, one year is passed off. Problems arise once Meenakshi joins a software company filled with complete lot of sexual perverts (this is painful and barbaric treatment). Soon a feeling of insecurity and suspicion starts dominating Akash on Meenakshi’s character and he chases her like a detective. All these incidents lead to a surprising thrill in pre-climax where something unusual and uncommon thread behind is revealed.

Values & Out of the Movie LYB: Actual thought of director Govi (if Maruthi let him to do so) in making this film is revealed only in last 15 minutes with firm and gripping performance of villain artist. Rest of the story and treatment is forcible, graceless, vulgar and uncultured. This kind of story and screenplay explains on how and why the standards of Telugu cinema aren’t going high when efficient men like SS Rajamouli and Shankar are leading the campaign. Call it excessive urge to earn speed money, Maruthi and team seems to have determined a mission of rolling explicit adult contented films with senseless stories and baseless narrations thus killing the very basic standards of Telugu industry. Entire first half and first 20 to 30 minutes of second half are conceived with unhealthy scenes debasing the real content. Maruthi and team say, ‘Kaadedi Boothuku Anarham,’ either it might be weights in a gym or seal of a cool drink bottle. If you too belong to same world, then theater booking counters are widely opened (no double meaning in this). Creative Commercials and KS Rama Rao garu who have credits of offering memorable films, how come they joined Maruthi Talkies? In second half, one can really remember RGV style of treatment handling the thrilling episodes. It was too late by then. 

Performance wise Shravya is a better artist in entire pool because Rahul is continuously demoting himself with each movie. Koti’s son Rajeev had nothing much. Of the remaining, the antagonist who shoots bathroom videos of married women was good. Rest all, no need to mention. Technically, camera work was superior in songs picturization than other cheap episodes. JB’s back ground music and Production values of Maruthi Talkies and CC are just okay. There is no need to mention about depth and intensity in dialogues because there’s nothing sinner than this. If you have missed teenage escaping from spicy BF or Malayalam B grade masala kind of stuff then ‘LYB’ offers a direct bumper offer on big screen. Every five to ten minutes, you are treated with juicy Z grade meal. Now, it could be the time when B and C grade audience might also repel against Maruthi category films.  

Cinejosh Verdict of LYB: This Bangaram is Maruthi Type Boothu Shrungaram

                                                                        Cinejosh Rating: 1.25

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