Loukyam Review

Loukyam Review
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Behind the Movie Loukyam: Struggling hero Gopichand, ravishing beauty Rakul Preet together in for director Sriwass makes this film something special. Presence of Kona and Gopi is the best advantage to guarantee humor. Let us get into the review.

In the Movie Loukyam: Babji (Sampath Raj) and Sathya (Rahul Bose) are goon brothers ruling Warangal and Hyderabad respectively. They have two sisters Bujji (Annapurna) and Chandra Kala (Rakul Preet Singh). Story begins with Bujji running away from marriage to elope with boy friend with the help of Venky (Gopichand). Story shifts from Warangal to Hyderabad where Venky falls in love with Chandra Kala while men of Babji search for the same Venky. However they house arrest cab driver Sippy (Brahmi) and Venky’s father Meka Papa Rao aka Puppy (Chandramohan) to know the whereabouts of Venky. On the other side, Babji’s rival Kesava Reddy (Mukesh Rishi) is burning with revenge. How Venky used his diplomatic intelligence to solve the entire puzzle and win his love forms the rest…

Values of the Movie Loukyam: Like any other formula film hitting the screens in last few years, ‘Loukyam’ is also a complete and regular formula flick with zero innovative factors. Director Sriwass blindly followed the customary screenplay of Kona and Gopi while story, dialogues of Sreedhar Seepana oozed oodles of humor. Basically, they did not try anything out of the box and just struck to the old pickled treatment of cooking a commercial potboiler. However, dialogues played crucial part in playing the game to advantage. Sreedhar Seepana should be appreciated for such good work in second half. Camera work of Vetri is just mediocre and SR Shekkhar’s editing did not have the same sharpness of his earlier films. Anup Rubens music is a better score while BGM has come satisfactory. Production values of Bhavya Creations is just average.

On performance front, Gopichand looked refreshing with energy flown freely throughout. His chemistry with Brahmi and other members of comedy team is noteworthy. Styling and glow on face of Gopi is back. Rakul Preet Singh is a fresh mint with newfangled glamour. She had wonderfully shared the screen with Gopi. Then, it is Brahmanandam got a full length role and has done the justice to perfection. Chandra Mohan as Puppy and 30 Years Pridhvi are the new find outs to spill the comedy from now on. In second half, it’s these three members stole the show. Sampat Raj, Rahul Bose and Mukesh Rishi’s villainy lacked the cruelty. They were made into unimportant buffoons during the proceeding of story. Hamsa Nandini is hot in a song. Raghu Babu, Raghu, Bharath, Posani, Pragathi etc did their portions.

Out of the Movie Loukyam: Keeping it in one line, Gopichand can finally have a smile on face. Out from his too much of experimentation zone, ‘Loukyam’ comes as a safe guaranteed success for him. Although, the treatment and screenplay is regular, applying this kind of a project for Gopi is something new. He should be thankful to the team of Sriwass for offering a real break. If first half is meant to just introduce the characters with good doses of fun and functionality, second half goes with non-stop hilarity. Never to miss, Kona and Gopi take cinematic liberties at their will and wish to create the confusion comedy with a predictable screenplay. Sometimes they missed the target but this time, everything fell in place.

For clever audience, this may is a hard pill to swallow while for entertainment lovers who just watch the film for time pass, ‘Loukyam’ offered enough of it. Commercially, ‘Loukyam’ could be a safe venture for everyone associated. Most importantly, Gopichand is back into hit race.

Cinejosh Verdict of Loukyam: Nothing New - Yet You Enjoy.

                                                      Cinejosh Rating: 3/5

                                                                              Reviewed by Srivaas

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