Loser 2 Review

Loser 2 Review
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Director: Abhilash Reddy
Producer: Zee5 Annapurna Studios,
Release Date: Fri 21st Jan 2022
Actors: Priyadarshi
Loser 2 web series Review Rating: 2.25 / 5
Loser 2 web series Review Punchline: Loses steam

What's Behind

Priyadarshi is making waves on the OTT platform showcasing his acting talent. His Loser web series got a good response and the web series season 2 is ready and started streaming on ZEE 5 from today. Let us see what new thrills Loser 2 offered to viewers.

Story Review

Suri Yadav (Priyadarshi), a talented shooter after struggling a lot finally goes on to win the national shooting championship overcoming all politics in the Rifle Association. He gets rewarded with a government job and at the same time, ad filmmaker Maya (Dhanya Balakrishna) comes into his life. In the meantime, Wilson (Sashank), who failed to realize his dreams as a cricketer due to politics and his own temper, comes to know that his son John aspires to become a cricketer. Ruby (Kalpika Ganesh) relationship with her husband Said hits a rock-bottom and she decides to pursue badminton dream by training youngsters. Where their lives lead to and what they have got in store in future should be found out watching Loser 2.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Abhilash Reddy continues from where he left Loser. Loser 2 continues on a familiar note with Suri Yadav not getting the welcome he expects after he wins the national championship. The surroundings affects him psychologically and he finds it difficult to deal with it. Similarly Wilson finds it difficult to deal with his son's aspirations. Both Suri and Wilson have many things in common as shown in the episodes. The narration starts off in a slow manner. Maya and Ruby's roles are shown on predictable lines with Maya as a ad filmmaker being an opportunist while Ruby still comping with the sexual abuse and the restrictions in her religion.

Director Abhilash Reddy who penned the story along with Shravan Madala and Sai Bharadwaj concentrated on highlighting the emotions through sports. But in all the episodes, the three sports interwoven take only the backseat while the emotions looked routine and artificial failing to connect chords with the viewers. Abhilash Reddy tried to generate more interest with intense emotions but failed in his efforts.

Priyadarshi performed well and showed his talent in emotional scenes. Kalpika Ganesh performed will expressing with her eyes. Suriya, a popular actor surprises as Priyadarshi's employer while Dhanya Balakrishnan impressed as the ad filmmaker. Ravi Varma is fine as Ravinder the coach of Priyadarshi. Gayathri Bhargavi appeared as Ruby's teacher. Shayaji Shinde, Satya Krishnan, Surya, Pavani Gangireddy did not get much screen presence and Tarak Ponnappa is underutilized.

Sriram Maddury's music is good. Background music is in sync with the story. Naresh Ramadurai's cinematography is beautiful and natural. Editing could have been better as there are many drags. Production values are good.


Priyadarshi, Kalpika Ganesh



Few Dialogues


Screenplay, Direction

Missing emotions

Routine elements

Slow pace

Rating Analysis

Priyadarshi's Loser 2 attracted the attention of all as Loser impressed all with Priyadarshi winning hearts as the shooter. Director Abhilash started the narration in a interesting manner but quickly loses steam with routine elements creeping in. With missing emotions despite the makers trying to elevate them to the core, Loser 2 for all the efforts failed to live up to the expectations. Considering all these points, CJ goes with a 2.25 rating for Loser 2.


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