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Loafer Review
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Loafer Review, What’s Behind: The typical Puri Jagannath directorial starring Varun Tej in lead with debutant Disha Patani as heroine and Posani, Revathy in other leads, ‘Loafer’ has released today in theaters. As ‘Kanche’ bought a much needed recognition for Varun, this happens to be his first commercial outing. Let us see, how Puri made Varun to fit in the grove with our ‘Loafer’ review? see the full review..

Loafer Story: Movie begins straightly with breakup of Lakshmi (Revathy) and Murali (Posani), as they both fight for only child Raja. One night Murali escapes with Raja to Jodhpur and here Raja grows as Loafer (Varun Tej) involved in petty crimes. Raja believes in the notion of his mother died with jaundice. While escaping from cruel family members (Mukesh Rishi and others), beautiful girl Mouni (Disha Patani) lands in Jodhpur just to fall in love with our Loafer. As Mouni-Raja romantic track goes on, here comes twist revealing Mouni’s aunt as Lakshmi and Raja is left shocked seeing his mother alive. How Raja goes back to his mother? How Raja clears the problems around Mouni? 

Loafer Artists and Technicians: Very rarely do we see Puri Jagannath playing comically with emotion filled sentimental relations between mother-son and father-son. ‘Loafer’ story and script is strongly centered on mother-son bonding while those trademark Puri heroism traits are also maintained intact. However, screenplay was left very feeble with openness in narration bringing lot of lagged dryness and everything runs on quite predictable. Puri clearly stumbled in direction as he was hurried to wrap up the project which merely killed the pace in circumstances and was not in sync with common audience general way of thinking. Puri is a hard hitting writer and many of these lines penned on Posani, Varun were loudly entertaining. PG Vinda camera work is a regular orderly arrangement of blocks and scenes in a definite Puri pattern. Except Jodhpur, much of the locations and camera work resembled the work in ‘Temper.’ Editing by SR Sekkhar was jerky in many occasions as one could not correlate the happening of story in Jodhpur or some area in Coastal AP, a confusing factor. Sunil Kashyap scored couple of wonderful tunes Suvvi Suvvalamma and Jiya Jale. His BGM also has run of the mill Puri loudness. Production wise, C Kalyan clothed the product in a very tight budget with limited locations in a narrow field.

On to performances, Varun Tej is too good as a street thug with casual dressing style. His body stature, dialogue rendering is competent taking in Puri’s heroic philosophy into brain and body. In drama and sentiment portions, Varun did a commendable job and so is his hard work continued into action part. Disha Patani is looks wise quite average. She hasn’t got any meatier portion to perform expect on songs and romance. Chemistry between Varun-Disha is also a bit poor. Revathy sensed like over-reactive operating beyond her natural flair. Posani got a lengthy role and his dramatization of simple episodes into impact creating stuff is just an awesome job. He is the fundamental fun provider for whole film. Mukesh Rishi, Charan Deep callous villainy is insensitively dealt. Ali as Spider Babu failed to evoke laughs. Ramya as Gavvala Rani is tantalizing. Sapthagiri, Dhanraj, Sandy, Uttej and others were just fine. 

Loafer Rating Analysis: This one is nothing different from Puri’s everyday work up or to be little strict, indicated the sliding professionalism in him. The note-perfect writing skills in Puri are getting wasted with his ruthless direction. None can point a drawback in his characterization drawings. Apparently, it’s the directionless treatment and purposeless narration gradually killed the interest. Once Varun-Revathy got exposed face to face, what was the necessity and reason Varun is forced back from opening his identity before mother? To cover this in screenplay, Puri might have introduced a rural setup, Mukesh Rishi acts and lastly Ali, Brahmanandam mining sub plots connected to main. 

Into the first half, ‘Loafer’ had an impressive take-off with Posani timing everything in centre of bat. As Varun grows up and meets heroine Disha, there is nothing much happening with plot. Then Mukesh Rishi’s family establishment is cockamamie. Only by the time Varun and Revathy are in centre amidst an interest generation, interval card is ready. 

Puri’s expertise in handling even simple plots with exquisite honesty isn’t really noticed in ‘Loafer.’ Agreed that there are few positives in mother-son sentiment but Puri presented them in a very simple way. Emotional elements always pay decent at Telugu Box Office but to what extent, Puri is right in this way has to be adjudged by himself. Coming to Varun Tej, if he is eyeing on mass characterization, he could have tried some other script rather than this one for sure.   

All in all, Cinejosh rates ‘Loafer’ with 2.25 stars feeling bad to see Puri working on an uninteresting, goalless and rotten plot. Commercially, ‘Loafer’ might pay because production standards also stood quite deplorable.

Loafer Cinejosh Verdict: Good for Nothing!

                                                Loafer Cinejosh Rating: 2.25/5.0

                                                                                  Reviewed by Srivaas

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