Lingaa Review

Lingaa Review
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Behind the Movie Lingaa: Super Star Rajinikanth is offering a birthday treat for Fans with ‘Lingaa’ releasing worldwide today. Director KS Ravi Kumar is the best man to exploit the image of Rajini and he handled the project under production of Rockline Venkatesh with Anushka, Sonakshi Sinha as female leads. Let us get into review part now.

In the Movie Lingaa: Story sets off with introduction of Lingaa (Rajinikanth), a petty thief along with sidekicks (Santhanam and others). There is Lakshmi (Anushka), a TV reporter running behind Lingaa with a purpose to drive him for Singanuru, the ancestral village of Lingaa. With a diamond jewelry robbery, Lingaa is forced to shift Singanuru in order to escape from police. 

Here comes the real substance in movie with Lakshmi’s grandfather (K Vishwanath) narrating glorious flashback of pre independence British era involved with Gadwal Province King Raja Lingeshwara (Rajinikanth) fought against colonial British rulers to construct a Dam in Singanuru providing livelihood to 36 villages. Although the task is finished with Raja Lingeshwara and support of Bharathi (Sonakshi Sinha), modern day corrupt politician and Singanuru MP Bhushanam (Jagapathi Babu) is set to destroy the dam. How Raja Lingeshwara’s great grandson Lingaa saves it is the climax.

Values of the Movie Lingaa: Basically, ‘Lingaa’ is not a typical canvas to showcase Rajini’s trademark stylish mannerisms. This is completely a story driven film with KS Ravi Kumar taking on a safe and tested template boosted with imperial flashback arranging a strong platform to touch human emotions, patriotism, innocent romance and philosophical touch. When Rajini is at center, the show gets different and it happened here. Writing by KS Ravi Kumar and Pon Kumuran is perfect for a Rajini film. Main pillar of ‘Lingaa’ is Rathnavelu’s cinematography. He captured the visual beauty of landscape at Dam construction spot with superb camera work. Most of the aerial shots imprinted a mark of grandeur while the Art Work of Sabu Cyril was spell-bounding. Train Action Episode introducing Raja Lingeshwara was a top quality CG work. Editing by Samjith was a superior quality work for flashback and inferior in dealing the first half younger Rajini episodes. AR Rahman’s BGM is unparalleled. He breathed real life to crucial scenes with outstanding BGM. Songs wise, Mona Gasolina and Indian Ayi Raa were the first catchers. Coming to production values, words aren’t enough to illustrate the luxurious standards of Rockline Venkatesh. Such a big project completed in less than six months of time needs special appreciations on the kind of planning went in background. 

When we do analysis on performance, Rajini was more effective as Raja Lingeshwara in an impactful flashback. We have enjoyed Rajini’s flashbacks in Muthu, Arunachalam, Basha and other films. Apparently it’s the same stencil drawn yet Rajini is at very best. He delivers a majestic performance with evergreen screen presence. Younger Rajini wasn’t effective as old one. Anushka filled the glamour part of first half. Second half is completely dominated by Sonakshi Sinha who has fit into the role so perfectly bringing lot of freshness. Among others K Vishwanath, Jagapathi Babu and Nizhalgal Ravi were fine. Brahmanandam’s comedy failed. Santhanam and batch did their best to add the fun quotient. Rest of the village star cast suited to the core.

Out of the Movie Lingaa: When audience takes the exit door, character of Raja Lingeshwara is the only strong imprint to haunt them. Flashback portions of second half are the only to stand out. Take off wasn’t so great with younger Rajini and Anushka scenes getting prolonged in boredom. Only later is the story positioned for beginning the strong flashback. All the key scenes in second half are major strengths for ‘Lingaa’ to become a BO winner. Climax was a mere formality with action of Rajini on bike and hot air balloon looking out of this world. 

All in all, ‘Lingaa’ is a tailor made film to attract Rajini Fans. The sketch is old and Rajini is forever new. It’s a typical Super Star package. Keep the expectations low and you might have good time in theater. For Fans, this can be a good meal to enjoy. Box Office is going to shake both in Telugu states and Tamil Nadu for next one week. ‘Lingaa’ is a safe one time watch for Rajini’s interminable charisma.

Cinejosh Verdict of Lingaa: The Show of Raja Lingeshwara.

                                                             Cinejosh Rating: 2.75/5 

                                                                                  Reviewed by Srivaas

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