Leharaayi Review

Leharaayi Review
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Director: Ramakrishna Paramaha
Producer: Maddyreddy Sreenivas
Release Date: Fri 09th Dec 2022
Actors: Ranjith
Leharaayi Movie Rating: 1.75 / 5
Punchline: Leharaayi - Simply Sorry

Leharaayi Movie: What's Behind

Ranjith, Sowmya Menon's Leharaayi directed by Ramakrishna Paramahamsa is sending romantic vibes to viewers releasing on December 9, 2022. The film's OTT release is yet to be finalised and OTT partner will be announced once the deal is inked. Let us find out how people felt about Leharaayi.

Leharaayi Movie: Story Review

Leharaayi story is all about the romantic experiences of a girl who is bound by the promise she made to her father. Karthik (Ranjit Sommi) hates the word 'Sorry' and goes wild at anyone who uses it. He falls in love with a beautiful girl Meghana (Soumya Menon) who is bound by the promise she made to her father (Rao Ramesh) a doctor by profession. Why Karthik hates the word sorry, what promise Meghana made to her father (Rao Ramesh), how it impacts his relationship with his father (Naresh) and others, and whether he is able to win his love, form the crux of the story.

Leharaayi Movie: Artists, Technicians Review

The Leharaayi story selected by Ramakrishna Paramhamsa is nothing new but tried to pep it up with a few interesting and romantic scenes charging it with emotions. To some extent, he emerged successful but overall it turned out to be an ordinary attempt. The narration starts off on a slow note and goes on and on with routine elements. However, the glamor and looks of Soumya Menon and the melodious songs made up for these shortcomings. The second half also goes off in a similar manner but few emotional scenes highlighted the proceedings. At times, songs acted as speed breakers. Few dialogues are good and hard-hitting. The story of Leharaayi is very routine and the screenplay and direction is just ok.

Ranjit Sommi worked hard for his role. He is ok and danced with ease and enacted good stunts. He tried his best to elevate the scenes with his performance. However, he still has miles to go for that and should finetune his dialogue delivery and mannerisms. Soumya Menon impressed all with her glamor and looks on screen. She came up with good expressions and emotions and made an impact on the screen. She looked beautiful and her chemistry with Ranjit is good.

Rao Ramesh excelled in the role tailor-made for him. He played the role of the father of a girl who is caring and fears for her wellbeing all the time after seeing the day-to-day happenings in society. Naresh is also fine as the father of the hero who suffered a lot due to the shocking developments in his family. Ali and Satyam Rajesh evoked a few laughs with their antics. Others performed according to their roles.

Pravin Pudi's editing could have been far better. There are many drags in the film which slowed the pace. MN.Balreddy's cinematography is good and beautified the film. Gantadi Krishna's music is melodious. All the songs are beautifully shot and well choreographed and most of them are melodious and foot-tapping while a couple of them are emotional. His background score is in sync with the story.

Leharaayi Movie: Advantages

  • Soumya Menon
  • Few Dialogues

Leharaayi Movie: Disadvantages

  • Editing
  • Routine elements
  • Predictable narration

Leharaayi Movie: Rating Analysis

Altogether, Leharaayi directed by Ramakrishna Pramahansa is extremely routine except for a few interesting elements. The screenplay and direction just passed through the motions. Altogether Leharaayi is just another routine romantic entertainer. Considering all these elements, Cinejosh goes with a 1.75 rating for Leharaayi.

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