Lakshmis NTR Review

Lakshmis NTR Review
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Director: Ram Gopal Varma, Aga
Producer: Rakesh Reddy, Deepthi Balagiri
Release Date: Fri 29th Mar 2019
Actors: P Vijay Kumar
Lakshmi’s NTR Rating: 2.5 / 5
Lakshmi’s NTR Punchline: RGV's Naidu

Lakshmi’s NTR Review, What’s Behind?

This can truly be termed as third installment of NTR’s biopic, given that the film begins exactly where second installment of NTR Mahanayakudu ended. Balakrishna and Krish’s version failed utterly to strike a chord with audience, what about RGV’s version of NTR Biopic? Let’s discuss in actual review part…

Lakshmi’s NTR Story Review:

Lakshmi Parvathi (Yagna Shetty) enters NTR’s (Vijay Kumar) life to write his biography. Pleased with caring nature, NTR decides to marry Parvathi and informs the same to his family members who objects him. NTR during Major Chandrakanth 100 days function proclaims to marry Parvathi. Despite objection from family members, NTR ties knot and TDP wins 1994 elections with huge majority as NTR becomes AP CM for the third time. Then, his son-in-law Chandra Babu Naidu (Sritej) with help of NTR’s family members plots a coup to take over CM post. Unable to bear the backstabbing from own family members, NTR’s heart stops beating.

Lakshmi’s NTR Artists, Technicians Review:

How different is Lakshmi’s NTR from Balakrishna’s biopic on his late father? While Balakrishna’s version highlights only heroics of NTR, besides showing Chandra Babu Naidu as biggest supporter when the legendary actor-turned-actor was going through tough times, RGV and team showed CBN as the biggest villain in NTR’s life. Though RGV successfully accomplished his mission of portraying CBN in a negative role, he should have taken same care in presenting NTR and Lakshmi Parvathi roles persuasively. In fact, the episodes of NTR and Lakshmi Pravathi were so boring. Known artists should have been a good choice at least for NTR’s role. Unnecessary drama and slow paced narration spoiled interest at times, otherwise this would have been a perfect biopic on NTR where most controversial episodes are presented boldly. 

There’s great impact of RGV on cinematographer Rammy and music director Kalyani Malik. While we find typical RGV mark camera angles, background score gives an impression of watching a horror thriller even in dramatic scenes. And other thing for mention is due to shortage of professional writer in team, RGV covered even key scenes with BGM. Kamal R’s editing work add to negatives. He should have chopped uncountable mind-numbing scenes. Production values of Company Production are pretty ordinary.

Onto performances, Sritej who played the role of Chandra Babu Naidu is the show stealer. The kind of performance he gave and the way he lived in the character of CBN, no other artist would have done justification. Besides initiating body language and mannerisms of Babu, Sritej successfully did his job so much so that NTR fans will just hate him. Theater artist P Vijay Kumar is no match to NTR though tried hard to copy the gestures of the former CM. His over dramatic acting and expressions are futile. Yagna Shetty as Lakshmi Parvathi is okay. The efforts to show divine relation between NTR and Lakshmi Parvathi were ineffectual. Regrettably, both dancing romantically in their personal space after TDP winning polls isn't acceptable. We won’t really remember any other artists, perhaps most of them are newcomers.

Lakshmi’s NTR Review Advantages:


Controversies In NTR’s Life

Second Half

Lakshmi’s NTR Review Drawbacks:

Slow Paced Narration

NTR, Lakshmi Parvathi Episodes


Production Values

Lakshmi’s NTR Review, Rating Analysis:

NTR is known as a legendary actor and a great political leader. However, he too witnessed many ups and downs. Most importantly, his last years were a mystery. What are the circumstances led him to marry Lakshmi Parvathi as his second wife? Why his family stayed awa in last days? What went wrong between NTR and CBN? Has CBN really backstabbed NTR? What is Lakshmi Parvathi’s role in forming seperate groups within TDP?

During title rolling, entire life of NTR is shown in posters reminding key incidents in life. Then, efforts are on to show Lakshmi Parvathi in most sympathetic way. She enters NTR’s house and waits outside drenching in rain. NTR and Lakshmi’s conversation is dead boring owing to over the board drama. Things go at a snail's pace until NTR attends inauguration of Lakshmi Parvathi’s husband Veeragrandham Subbarao’s auditorium from where gossips start on NTR and Parvathi’s relationship. Curiosity increases with Babu's entry along with NTR’s family objecting their live-in relationship. A right platform is set for second half when interval bangs on NTR announcing publicly to marry Lakshmi Parvathi at Major Chandrakanth 100 Days function.

Initial episodes of second half are occupied with NTR’s one sided decisions to take full control of the party from enemies. In the process, he announces list of candidates of his choice and campaigns along with Lakshmi Parvathi. True colors of CBN are shown in the following episodes where a lady MLA candidate of CBN’s faction attacks MLA candidate of NTR’s faction in an office. A top media head (Ramoji Rao) writing negative articles against NTR in his daily and CBN forcing MLAs to join his side after TDP winning elections are good. In fact, this is the best phase in the film, including the infamous Viceroy episode where NTR was attacked with slippers. Unfortunately, the last day of NTR’s life were tedious with another boring conversation between NTR, Parvathi. Thankfully, for last journey of NTR, real footage was used.

All in all, Lakshmi’s NTR gives great information about last years in NTR’s life, whether you accept them as facts or not. Though the film has some great and interesting moments, unnecessary drama and songs played spoilsport. Production standards are other big minus. Anyways the mission of projecting Naidu in bad light is fully served. CJ goes with 2.5 star rating and the movie would surely rake good openings owing to controversies surrounding it. But, the question is will it have long run.


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