Laddu Babu Review

Laddu Babu Review
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Behind the Movie Laddu Babu: Combination of Allari Naresh and Ravi Babu promises something new like ‘Allari.’ Amidst good expectations, movie is released today. Let us get into the review.

In the Movie Laddu Babu: Movie begins with introduction to Laddu Babu (Allari Naresh) who becomes abnormally fat and obese due to a mosquito bite. Father Kishtaiah (Kota) treats son Laddu like a burden and scolds for him for every minor mistake or issue at home. Kishtaiah wants to sell off the home and settle in Goa which is linked to Laddu’s marriage as per the will written by Laddu’s grandparents. Due to obesity, Laddu isn’t liked by any girl. However, a girl Maya Prasad (Poorna) and a kid Murthy enter into Laddu’s life brining a big change. While Maya Prasad is a cheater, on the other hand Murthy and his widow mother Madhavi (Bhumika) bring happiness in Laddu’s life. How, when and why did Laddu marry Madhavi forms climax.

Values & Out of the Movie Laddu Babu: A subject revolving around an obese character as lead needs to have both comedy and emotional connect. Director Ravi Babu is a new age film maker who has perfect sense on how to deal this kind of different subjects. This time, his treatment missed the mark. Neither there was conviction and authenticity in the story drive nor there were any extra ordinary episodes showing the Ravi Babu mark. Technically, the movie has numerous loop holes which aren’t normally seen in a Ravi Babu film. Cinematography of Sudhakar Reddy is a decent work while Marthand K Venkatesh’s editing lacked in keenness. Chakri’s BGM was fine while songs did not help the flow with poor lyrics. Dialogues of E Niwas were good at times and overall, it’s not a top quality work. Production wise, Rajendra Tripuraneni and Maharathi Films are easily passable.

Coming to performances, Allari Naresh is in the central role and story jaunts him encompassing other characters. As an obese and heavy weighted guy, Naresh’s make up desisted his facial expressions and body language. The fort of Naresh is comedy and its timing which is completely absent. Bhumika Chawla looked short and beautiful. Kota got a lengthy role and his stamp was seen. Poorna was glamorous. Others were come and go of regular Ravi Babu style.

The strong point of movie should have been the sentimental attachment between Laddu, Murthy and Madhavi. In fact, this is the basic plot which must spin the emotion in second half while story wise, first half moves nowhere. With excessive liberties taken, Ravi Babu’s voice-over dominated the characters and this voice has become a primary character in story filling the logics. Despite all these, patrons failed to enjoy the movie and its flow. For audience of any centre and even commercially, ‘Laddu Babu’ has nothing sweet to offer.

Cinejosh Verdict of Laddu Babu: Vaddu Babu

                                                     Cinejosh Rating: 2/5

                                                                                                          Reviewed by Srivaas

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