Laabam Review

Laabam Review
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Director: Jahananathan
Producer: Vijay Sethupathi Productions
Release Date: Thu 09th Sep 2021
Actors: Vijay Sethupathi
Laabam Rating: 1.5 / 5
Laabam Punchline: Need Zandu Balm!

What's Behind

The craze for Makkal Selvan Vijay Sethupathi has been increasing with each passing second. His upcoming film Laabam hit the screens today in a grand manner. Let us see what impact Vijay Sethupati made with his performance in Laabam on movie lovers.

Story Review

Badri (Vijay Sethupati), is known to fight for the righteous cause and he as the farmers association president of his village Pandooru decides to promote community farming. However,, the village head Nagabhushanam(Jagapathy Babu) doesn't want this to happen and becomes a thorn in his attempts. To find out whether Badri is successful in his attempts and how it affects his relationship with his girlfriend, Clara (Shruti Haasan), enjoy Laabam on the silver screen. 

Artists, Technicians review

Director late SP. Jhananathanan is popular to highlight social problems and try to give solutions through his films. He decides to promote community farming through Laabam. To some extent his thought process was good. However,, at times he turned out too preachy and tried to defend the indefensible. Anything extreme is not good for an individual or society. He opposed capitalism but there are long-term disasters in opposing even if something is good. The entire first half turns preachy after a slow start and then goes on testing the patience of the viewers. Even the interval block doesn't excite anyone. The second half generates little interest at the start but within seconds that too disappears and the narration from then on ends up giving torture to the people in the theatres.

In this,, the conflict point turns out to be weak as Vijay Sethupati tries to promote community farming while Jagapathi Babu tries to come up with a biodiesel plant. One is left to wonder when both their intentions are good, what is there to fight between them. The climax crashes the film completely but viewers heave a sigh of relief. Overall Jahananthanan failed with his story, screenplay, and direction.

Vijay Sethupathi performed well in his role. He tried to carry the film on his shoulders as usual but there is nothing special revolving around his role or the story. Shruti Haasan's role turned out to be a caricature. She however indulged in glamor treats with no real meaning to her character. Jagapathi Babu just passed through the motions. Even the talents of Sai Dhansika are wasted. Others performed accordingly.

D.Imman's music is nothing worth mentioning. Songs just come as if they are a compulsion. Background music is relatively better but nothing to rave about. Ramji's cinematography is good at times. But most of the time, he just did his job. N.Ganesh Kumar and SP.Ahamed's combined editing failed to save the film. The duo left a lot to be desired. Few dialogues are good. Production values are ok.



Vijay Sethupati to some extent

A couple of dialogues



Story, Screenplay, Direction



Rating Analysis

Vijay Sethupathi's following and increased craze generated interest among movie lovers on Labaam which happened to be his first straight simultaneous Telugu and Tamil release. However SP. Jhananathanan's routine story, weak narration, insipid screenplay and direction, preachy and monotonous scenes with a lack of emotional connection spoiled the entire plot. Laabam failed to bring any Laabam to the stakeholders. Taking into consideration all these points, CJ goes with a 1.5 rating for Laabam.


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