Kurradu Movie Review

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Kurradu Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Kurradu: Varun Sandesh, the young hero of Tollywood was trying to grab some mass image from some time. Heroine Neha Sharma of “Chirutha” fame was out of scope later. Debutant director Sandeep Gunnam , son of Gunnam Gangaraju was trying to make his mark as his father. Has the combination of these three worked out with Kurradu is to be seen.

In the Movie Kurradu:
Varun (Varun Sandesh) is a tenth class fail student who is a burden for poor family with helpless parents (Tanikella Bharani, Pragathi). What he do is just enjoying with his thotti gang of four (Venu and others). Varun is fascinated towards bikes and after a huge fight with his father, he succeeds in getting an amount of Rs.70,000 which was kept for marriage of his only sister. Varun is in love with a girl Hema (Neha Sharma) from a long time. Soon, Varun after purchasing the bike starts to help his father by getting into a job and even Hema expresses his love. With all good things happening in his life, Varun feels that bike was a good omen for him.

Things change drastically for him when his bike was stolen by a rowdy gang with its leader Satya (Ravi Shankar of Arundhathi’s “Bommaali…”), when they murder a Corporator. Satya loves his family with wife (Surekhavani) and brother Ravi (Ravi). He has a reliable worker with the name of Bullet (Sri) whom Ravi always felt jealous about.  Unfortunately Ravi gets into war with Varun, when Varun complaints about his stolen bike in the Police Station. Unable to forget the rough treatment done by Varun to Ravi, Ravi very often tries to attack Varun’s family. Now Varun gets back his bike from the Police, as it is caught when involved in smuggling by Ravi with out the knowledge of Satya. Satya with his moral values try to keep Ravi away from Varun, but Ravi unable to bear that kills Satya and becomes the don himself. Now, Ravi again enters the frame by attacking Varun and his family. Did Varun excuse him? What did bullet do to Ravi for killing his boss? form the rest of the story.

Values of the Movie Kurradu:
Varun Sandeh tried his heart out to garner some mass image with Kurradu. His lean body and weak dialogue delivery is a big drawback to create the right impact. He was fine till the love story with Neha Sharma and comedy with his gang. Coming to action sequences and powerful dialogues, he lacks the punch. Neha Sharma looked good in the movie with beautiful smile and good costumes. Performance wise, she has very little to do. As a good villain who believes in ethics, Ravi Shankar was perfect fit. His brother Ravi and Bullet have done very well. Comedy scenes by Venu were creating jiggles in the theatre. He has got a good and lengthy role to perform and done the justice. Tanikella Bharani was as usual at his best. Comedy by Ali as Jump Jilani was pale and not so impressive. Remaining star cast was okay.
Script writer and Director Sandeep Gunnam have all the best qualities of his father in narration of the story. What he wants is just polish them a bit. The movie was so pacing that story moves like a brisker. Sandeep Gunnam needs applause for his approach towards comedy. Although Kurradu has some shades of “Ride” with bike element in common, here is altogether a different concept. Camerawork by Sarvesh Murari was just average. Music by Achchu was good especially in songs like “Navvaraa Babu..” and  “Emantaave…” Editing by Marthand Venkatesh was crispy with movie getting the required punch many a times. Fights by Rambo Raj Kumar were okay. Background score by Koti is good. Production values by Kiran and Anandi Creations were also fine.

Out of the Movie Kurradu:
It would be better if Varun Sandesh gets back to his groove of love stories immediately instead of trying this kind of mass image stories. His body (especially when he wore banians) looks like a skeleton without any kind of flesh in it. Kurradu would have been a good movie, if Varun Sandesh was replaced by somebody else. Sandeep Gunnam, is here to continue his fathers legacy undoubtedly as his command on story and script was crystal clear in this movie. This kind of movie needs a perfect, tight script work and Sandeep Gunnam is a winner in that respect. Kurradu was not impressive through out, but Sandeep Gunnam’s abilities on story and its narration are surely commendable.

Cine Josh Verdict Kurradu:
More than an average film but with a repeated story (Ride), this Kurradu may not pass the final exam.

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