Kumari 21 F Review

Kumari 21 F Review
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Kumari 21 F Review, What’s Behind: Telugu movie lovers are very well acknowledged with Sukumar’s creatively complex, eccentric writing skills. Assigning the direction responsibility to Palnati Surya Pratap, this time Sukku took lot of freedom just to pen the story, script. Raj Tharun, Hebah Patel in main leads and DSP, Rathnavelu forming the primary technical crew, how bold is our Kumari 21 F… come on, go through the review.

Kumari 21 F Story: One midnight, Siddhu (Raj Tharun) is arrested by Police in connection with a crime case. In Police lock up, Siddhu begins to narrate his own flashback on where, how he met an alluring young Mumbai girl Kumari (Hebah Patel) in KGB Colony, Hyderabad. Siddhu, a middle class young guy with mother (Hema) separated from husband has future goal to join as a Chef in Royal Celebrity Cruise. Going by the bold and matured nature of Kumari, doubts arise in Siddhu’s brain about her virginity. Here begins Sidhdhu’s trials to check on Kumari’s sincerity in love taking help of his three rogue friends (Noel, Naveen, Sudarshan). Things take ugly turn as Kumari’s philosophy to admit her present life, love without drawing any inferences from past brings in more apprehensions for Siddhu. What is Kumari’s Mumbai flashback? What is her actual name? How Siddhu’s three friends affect Kumari, Siddhu’s affair? Why is Siddhu currently in custody? All these form rest.

Kumari 21 F Artists and Technicians: To highlight on top, Sukumar hand-picked a bold, youth centered, controversial dark theme which is again not so easy and not so complex to understand. Friendship, love, sincerity, betrayal, rape and above all deadly crime; there are many components amalgamated into this one semi-realistically conceived heavy weight theme. Screenplay has its own share of highs and lows with effectively presented episodes in bits and pieces. Much of the time, characterizations behave over-board with unconvincing definitions to contemporary love. The tracks written on hero and his friends or hero and heroine tracks or hero and his family aren’t really persuasive. Where do we find a girl in real time who boasts her provocative physical dimensions when asked about her name? Such boldness in name of fresh treatment can’t be easily accepted. Direction wise, Surya Pratap appears to have just followed the script and story offered by Sukku. Though he took some time for audience to get into grove of Kumari character drive, there was no scope left for Surya Pratap to dominate his direction above and over the excellence in script. Finally, we see only Sukku’s idiosyncratic talent in every frame with Surya Pratap lying under its shadow. Thanks for Rathna Velu’s lighting schema. The camera work is so exclusive and has set in a special mood for overall narrative. Along with cream in theme, it is Rathna Velu who haunts you even after end of show. Devi Sri Prasad scored awesome musical score. Couple of the songs Bangkok and Love Cheyala Vadda stood best of picks among all. Amar Reddy’s editing is a sure let-down. Dialogues from Sukku and team obviously need a special underlining. Into dance compositions by Prem Rakshit and Nixon, they added more value to songs. Production values from Vijay Prasad Bandreddi and Thomas Reddy are quite praiseworthy.

Raj Tharun is developing as a wonderful artist with each film. In a character which has plenty of loopholes, Raj Tharun has fit in perfectly. He emotes well in family track and as a confused youngster with apprehensions towards girl friend and a member of tapori batch; he is well justified in all three shades. If Raj Tharun is the hero on cards, it is Hebah Patel the hero on screen. As a girl with independent thoughts, unconstrained by conventions, Hebah was bubbly, beautiful and also sexy. This role gave lot of scope for Hebah to take precedence over remaining artists and she has easily done it. There is a unique stamp of Sukku visible in Hebah Patel characterization. Noel, Naveen and Sudarshan are the main story twisters, who did a fair job. Hema, Thagubothu Ramesh and others were just fine.

Kumari 21 F Rating Analysis: as a writer Sukumar has many ways of defining love. May it be conditional or unconditional; pure or impure: one side or two side… every time he touches the peak juicing his characterizations only in extreme sides! Kumari 21 F is one more heavy duty theme from Sukku with contemporary format given an unrealistic treatment. Unworried about the unmatchable maturity levels in his thought process compared to common audience thinking levels, Sukku forcibly tries to rub his high intelligence quotient on us. If the core purpose of Sukku is to restitute purity in love with a dark and off-the-beaten-track climax, entire process to achieve this can also have been done in much better, convincing way.

The central plot is interesting and Raj Tharun is an instant connect with present day teenagers. But, how far is it justifiable for a goal striving Raj Tharun to have hopeless, insensible friends batch or how can we rationalize the family track played on Hema and her husband. Such humiliating cinematic freedoms just for the sake of bringing in coherence for climax can’t be expected from Sukku’s standards. Hebah’s characterization is also a bumpy ride with many inconsistencies. Despite a brutal rape (thanks for Censor Board), Hebah gets up normally to accept the marriage proposal simply forwarded by Raj Tharun? Where does this sudden transition come in our hero and heroine? Beyond all such stumbling blocks, ‘Kumari 21 F’ stands tall for depiction of pure, unconditional love in a different light something as haunting as ‘7/G Brindavan Colony.’    

Commercially, ‘Kumari’ is going to pay off at Box Office only and only if youth are connected because families should strictly stay out of this hard-hitting rawness from Sukumar. So, Cinejosh gives Kumari a 3 star rating for delivering us a different movie watch experience. 

Kumari 21 F Cinejosh Verdict: Bold, Unusual and Sukumarised Version of Love.

                                                     Kumari 21 F Cinejosh Rating: 3/5

                                                                      Reviewed by Srivaas

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