Kudirithe Kappu Coffee Movie Review

Kudirithe Kappu Coffee Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Kudirithe Kappu Coffee: Young hero Varun Sandesh struggling for a strong hit is joined by short and cute pie Suma Bhattacharya for the flick. Yogeshwara Sharma’s delightful tunes pleasing the music lovers, it was left for director Ramana Salva and tasteful banner Moonwater Pictures to serve the coffee for audience. Let us see, how tasteful is this?

In the Movie Kudirithe Kappu Coffee: Venu (Varun Sandesh) is the only son of businessman Giri (Bheemaneni Srinivas Rao). Despite Venu’s mother pushing him for a life settlement by sticking on to a job, he looks on to do something interesting and passionate. Mean while Venu’s friend Ravi commits suicide for a love failure and the former develops negative opinion on love and lovers. 

Giri in order to divert the attention of Venu, sends him to beautiful hill town of Dakshina Giri in Karnataka to look after their Hill Side Coffee Shop. Actually this coffee shop was gifted by Giri to school teacher Malathi (Sukumari) trying to save her from financial debts while she rejects it but keeps the same under her observation. 

Malathi’s grand daughter Lasya (Suma Bhattacharya) is a Hotel Management Graduate with a dream to make this coffee shop into a beautiful resort. Both Venu and Lasya meet at Dakshina Giri and start working together to develop the coffee shop. In this process, Lasya develops a sweet feeling of love towards Venu impressed by his honesty and grace. But Venu who has a strong aversion towards love rejects her again and again. How did Venu realize the importance of Lasya in his life? How Love united them? Form the climax episodes.

Values and Out of the Movie Kudirithe Kappu Coffee: New generation directors and producers coming from overseas are relying on the concepts of urban mentality. KKC is one such film which is made with sober story and visual appeal without concentrating on the narration part. Entire movie looks like a portrait photo and story is depicted in the form of book reading with caricatures. Although there are good elements like feel good, preaching of human values, discouraging of suicides yet these aren’t helpful to pull the movie for a span of two hours.

Varun Sandesh has got a role contrast to his natural talent. For the first time, he looks serious, settled and subtle with this underplaying character. Heroine Suma is five feet, cute faced looking like a girl next door with jovial attitude. Director Bhimaneni Srinivas Rao turned into a character artist and he was little stiff but was decent. Old lady Sukumari was good while Tanikella Bharani was at his usual best. Comedy by Shiva Narayana was also fine up to some extent. Remaining others were just okay.

Director and story writer Raman Salva got a regular love story in his hands but wins the appreciations for mixing it with feel good characterizations. The department where he failed pathetically is in the execution part as story doesn’t move an inch even after watching hours of movie. The lag was definitely visible in first and second halves. Dialogues by Abburi were casual yet philosophical and fitting to the demands of director. 

What makes KKC stand out from routine movies is the top notch cinematography from Santosh Rai. Words fall short to speak about the luxurious texture, extraordinary picturesque, the soothing visuals which will leave us spell bound. Adding to the effect is Yogeshwara Sharma’s delightful music which is further more elevated by Seetharama Shastri lyrics. Especially picturization of songs stood apart. Production values of Moonwater Pictures were also high.

The commercial viability and acceptance from audience for these kinds of movies is a definite no but professional satisfaction for the crew is guaranteed while a section of patience loving audience might get connected to KKC. A honest team work is seen on the screen. What matters more for this love story is the loosing of tempo again and again. Of course visuals are the only positive energy generators in KKC to make audience engaged else this is a total washout. 

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Kudirithe Kappu Coffee: Aroma is good but not the Taste.

                                                                                        Reviewed by Srivaas

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