Kudi Yedamaithe Web Series Review

Kudi Yedamaithe Web Series Review
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Director: Pawan Klumar
Producer: TG.Vishwa Prasad, Vivek Kuchibhotla
Release Date: Sun 27th Jun 2021
Actors: Amala Paul,Rahul Vijay, Eashwar Rachiraju
Kudi Yedamaithe Movie Rating: 2.75 / 5
Punchline: Kudi Yedamaithe - Kudi Yedamaithe tests patience but teases with its

What's Behind

Amala Paul's Kudi Yedamaithe directed by Pawan Kumar is streaming on AHA OTT. Kudi Yedamaithe generated interest and increased the curiosity levels with its first look, teaser, and trailer. The thriller comes with a time-loop concept and let us see whether Kudi Yedamaithe twists appealed to viewers or not.

Story Review

Aadi (Rahul Vijay) is an aspiring actor who works as a delivery boy at RepEat to repay his debts. Despite his busy schedule he tries attending auditions and works hard to realize his dream.

Circle Inspector Durga (Amala Paul) is pressurized by the Commissioner to investigate the mysterious death of ACP Arjun. At the same time, shocking kidnappings and murders of small children in the city shock all.

Even as Aadi and Durga get busy with their daily routine of food deliveries, auditions, investigations, etc, they experience shocking changes in their lives. Aadi and Durga have weird experiences and dreams of something shocking about to happen on Feb29 and they feel that they have lived past the day even before the day arrived.

To unravel the mystery and how unmarried pregnant Parvathy, kidnapped kid Varun, Mahendra (Ravi Prakash) is connected, enjoy Kudi Yedamaithe on the AHA OTT platform.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Pawan Kumar came with another thriller like U-Turn. He started off the narration with a bang after the initial stutter increasing the interest levels and taking viewers into the story. He touched upon the time-loop concept in an appreciable manner.

As the time-loop involves repetition of incidents, the story touched upon the same incidents highlighting them again and again. This at times slowed the pace of the story and the narration. Many scenes were shown more than once and this tested the patience of the viewers. This also resulted in confusing the viewers as to whether the proceedings are happing really or in the dreams.

The repetitive crimes generate interest but the director completely missed highlighting the emotional angle. The investigations after a point become repetitive, boring, and weak. Though Pawan Kumar's story is good and the screenplay is novel, it resulted in more confusion. After the first two episodes, the narration gets slow and repetitive and the next three episodes test the patience of the viewers. The story picks up pace in the last two episodes but the climax is just ordinary.

Rahul Vijay performed well in the role of a poor delivery boy who aspires to become an actor. He came with good expressions and emoted well despite his scenes getting repeated most of the time. Amala Paul after a lethargic start performed well in her role. But the investigation scenes are pretty ordinary. Ravi Prakash surprises with his role and he does it with his body language and emotions without many dialogues. Raj Madiraju is good but Rudra Pratap got an inconsequential role.

Poorna Chandra and Tejaswi's background score is good. However, they could have elevated the proceedings even higher in the climax. Advaita Gurumurthy's Cinematography is impressive with good camera angles and night effects. Editing of Suresh Arumugam could have been far better. Production values are good.


Timeloop concept

Amala Paul, Rahul Vijay





Slow Start

Boring middle episodes


Missing emotions

Repetitive scenes

Confusing elements

Rating Analysis

Director Pawan Kumar kick-started Kudi Yedamaithe in a powerful manner after a slow start but loses steam in the middle. He showed Aadi's angle well but failed to do the same with Durga. He also did not reveal why only Aadi and Durga got involved in the time-loop and what is the connection between them. He left the investigations with a lot of questions than answers and the ending giving a hint for the second season did not help matters much. In highlighting the time-loop concept, he completely ignored the investigation angle and this resulted in many repetitive scenes impacting the overall output. Considering all these aspects CJ goes with 2.75 rating for Kudi Yedamaithe.

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