Kshetram Review

Kshetram Review
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Behind the Movie Kshetram: Names of Priyamani, Jagapathi Babu and Kick Shyam along with peculiarity shown in title of the movie raised some sort of interest in public. With director T. Venu Gopal leading from front, let us see what is this ‘Kshetram’ all about?

In the Movie Kshetram: Film takes off in Malaysia with Sohini (Priyamani) and Chakri (Kick Shyam) working for a TV channel are deeply in love waiting for permission from their parents to get married. Chakri aka Chakradhara Rayalu is the only son of Vishwanatha Rayalu (Aditya Menon of ‘Dookudu’ fame) belonging to Deva Konda village while Sohini hails from a Maharashtra family in Mumbai. 

As both the families agree for wedding, event goes on smoothly until Vishwanatha Rayalu identifies that Sohini looks exactly like Lakshmi aka Naga Penchalamma (Priyamani), wife of his elder step brother Veera Narasimha Rayalu aka Naga Penchalayya (Jagapthi Babu), unfortunately both of them are killed long ago. With in no time, soul of Naga Penchalamma enters into Sohini and assassinates Vishwanatha Rayalu thus narrating a flashback.

Family of Veera Narasimha Rayalu has an unfulfilled dream of constructing a temple and performing the ‘Vigraha Prathistapana’ of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha in Deva Konda. Due to the evil eye of Vishwanatha Rayalu and his father (Kota) on this temple property, they create hurdles erasing the entire family of Veera Narasimha Rayalu inclusive of his wife Naga Penchalamma. To fulfill the wish of her husband, dead soul of Naga Penchalamma enters into the body of Sohini and completes the task with help of Temple Priest Ranga Achari (Tanikella Bharani).

Values of the Movie Kshetram: Basic storyline visualized by story writer cum screenplay writer cum director T. Venu Gopal is full of divinity, pack of action filled with thriller kind of flavor. Unluckily when it comes to presenting on the screen, execution was week with audience left in confusion resulting in a big mess. No where did characters and their odor is strongly registered. In fact, there were numerous loop holes in story and scripting leaving no scope for director in Venu Gopal to really excel. Although screen was fully populated with a big team of padding artists, emotion wasn’t built up to the required standards. Cinematography by MV Ragu is okay while dialogues by Paruchuri Bros too missed the spark needed for this kind of flick. Editing by Kotagiri was good and music by Koti did not really raise the energy levels. There are less numbers of scenes with visual graphics incorporated. Production values Balaji Movies and Govinda Raju are in tune with narration.

Performance wise, it is again Jagapathi Babu ran away with highest score looking standard in regular mannerisms. Later on Priyamani is fine showing good variations in her dual characterizations. Kick Shyam and Tanikella Bharani are regular while Aditya Menon and Kota are terrific as villains. Forced addition of comedy between Brahmi as Hat Trick Appa Rao and Surekha as Aroma was a headache. Of the remaining Annapurna, Brahmaji and others were okay.

Out of the Movie Kshetram: Fundamental blunder done by director T. Venu Gopal in dealing ‘Kshetram’ is that,  there is nothing new or original in concept or treatment. Too many inspirations like ‘Arundhati, Chandramukhi, Trinetram, Sivaramaraju’ and many more are seen in this single flick. Not a bad idea but instead of lifting the major essence of why these films stood apart, director has just gone with run of the mill description wasting a good storyline that is although very thin in write up. This is absolutely due to lack of experience in handling a script. 

First half primarily deals with establishment of plot and characters. Second half has lengthy scenes told in in-effective manner leading to a climax that could have been still better. Commercial output of film at Box Office is definitely doubtful. ‘A’ class or Metro audiences are to out rightly reject it while the film being tareted at masses in ‘B’ and ‘C’ Centers might likely keep ‘Kshetram’ in theatres for some time till the next biggies arrive. 

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Kshetram: Too Many Inspirations Spoiled the Novelty!

                                                                                             Reviewed by Srivaas

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