Krishnamma Review

Krishnamma Review
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Director: V.V. Gopala Krishna
Producer: Krishna Kommalapati
Release Date: Fri 10th May 2024
Actors: Satyadev, Athira Raj, Archana Iyerr, Raghu Kunche, Krishna Burugula, Lakshman Meesala etc...
Krishnamma Movie Rating: 2.75 / 5
Punchline: Krishnamma - Slow Flow !

Krishnamma (2024) Telugu Movie: What's Behind

Satyadev Kancharana's choice of diverse genres and roles has set him apart in his career. With his upcoming film Krishnamma set to release on May 10, 2024, and Koratala Shiva as the presenter, the anticipation among movie lovers has significantly increased. It will be interesting to see the impact Krishnamma creates upon its release. The film's OTT rights have been bagged by Amazon Prime.

Krishnamma Telugu Movie: Story Review

Krishnamma follows the story of three orphans, Bhadra (Satyadev), Koti (Meesala Lakshman), and Siva (Krishna Teja Reddy), who grow up as best friends on the banks of the Krishna River in Vijayawada, becoming each other's family. While Bhadra and Koti are involved in some illegal activities, Siva runs a printing press.

The entry of Padma (Archana Iyyer) and Meena (Athira Raj) into their lives brings about significant changes. Just as everything seems to be going well, a single incident lands them in trouble. The story unfolds to reveal the role of ACP Vijay Kumar (Raghu Kunche) and others, shaping the rest of the narrative.

Satyadev's Krishnamma : Artists Review

Satyadev delivered a realistic and intense performance in Krishnamma, a role that seemed tailor-made for him given his past portrayals. His portrayal was filled with genuine emotions and expressive nuances, showcasing his acting prowess once again. He aces the body language required for the role and perfectly delivers the local dialect. Meesala Lakshman provided comic relief with his impressive timing and Krishna Teja Reddy is adequate portraying his friends, provided strong support and complemented Satyadev's performance effectively.

Nanda Gopal's portrayal as the cop was commendable, adding depth to the narrative. He looks menacing. Raghu Kunche, in the role of ACP, did justice to his part. Archana Iyyer and Athira Raj, in their respective roles, delivered satisfactory performances, with Athira Raj particularly shining in her supporting role despite having limited scope to exhibit her acting skills.

The rest of the cast performed well, fitting into their roles and enhancing the overall storytelling.

Krishnamma Telugu Film: Technicians Review

Krishnamma, penned by V.V. Gopala Krishna, draws inspiration from real-life incidents. The narrative from start to finish treads in a realistic approach. But, the story, follows a screenplay that treads familiar lines. Despite this, Gopala Krishna effectively captures the raw and rustic atmosphere of Vijayawada in a realistic manner.

The first half of the film unfolds slowly, focusing on the bonding between the three friends and the romantic tracks of the lead pairs to drive the story forward. The second half takes on a more serious tone, with some interesting scenes interspersed throughout. However, the repetitive nature of certain scenes comes as a hurdle but the film concludes in a shocking manner, adding a twist to the story.

The dialogues penned by Gopala Krishna are impressive. Kaala Bhairava's music, blends well with the storyline. Sunny Kurapati's cinematography stands out, capturing the essence of Vijayawada's locations and the river Krishna in an appealing manner. Tammi Raju's editing could have been tighter to improve the overall pace. The production values of the film are commendable.

Krishnamma Movie: Advantages

  • Satyadev
  • Few Scenes
  • Realistic Approach

Krishnamma Movie: Disadvantages

  • Predictable Plot
  • Gory Scenes

Krishnamma Movie: Rating Analysis

Altogether, "Krishnamma is a typical raw and rustic entertainer. Satyadev's performance elevates a few scenes, V.V. Gopala Krishna's raw and rustic approach to deal with a revenge tale engages to some extent. With a dynamic screenplay the viewing experience could have been reached to another level. Taking all these aspects into consideration, Cinejosh gives Krishnamma a rating of 2.75

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