Krack Review

Krack Review
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Director: Gopichand Malineni
Producer: B Madhu
Release Date: Sat 09th Jan 2021
Actors: Ravi Teja
Krack Rating: 2.75 / 5
Krack Punchline: Strictly For Masses!

Krack Review, What’s Behind?

Ravi Teja, Gopichand Malineni and Shruti Haasan have been going through lean phases as they don’t have a proper hit for a long. Moreover, Krack faced financial issues and first three shows were cancelled across all the places. Finally, the film released with second show. Will the film provide much needed break for the trio?

Krack Story Review:

Pothuraju Veera Shankar (Ravi Teja) who’s happily married to Kalyani (Shruti Haasan) is a honest police officer who hates recommendations. He comes across three criminals- a most wanted terrorist Yasin Bhatkal (Chirag Jani), Katari Krishna (Samuthirakani) and Reddy (P Ravi Shankar). How he teaches every one of them and their close aide forms crux of the story.

Krack Artists, Technicians Review:

Director Gopichand Malineni didn’t come up with a novel story. In fact, the story has shades of Tamil hit Sethupathi. He’s largely inspired by Naa Peru Surya and Khaki films for action episodes for Vetapalem dacoit batch. Ravi Teja and Shruti Haasan’s track is outdated and lacks the magic. There are loopholes in the script as well. However, Gopichand Malineni could bring freshness with his mass-appealing writing and taking. The story is easily predictable, still masses will enjoy most of the scenes. Sai Madhav Burra who is known for writing sensible and thought-provoking dialogues has penned powerful dialogues for Krack. Cinematography by GK Vishnu is one of the major assets. Particularly his work for action episodes is impeccable. S Thaman is the other hero of the film. He gave life to the visuals with his stimulating background score. Moreover, he scored few foot-tapping tracks, but the melodious tune Kora Meesam is pleasant to ears. Editor Naveen Nooli’s sharp cutting makes action sequences a visual feast, though he should have chopped few mind-numbing scenes. Fights by Ram-Lakshman masters deserve a special mention. Production values of Saraswathi Films Division are top-notch.

Onto artists, Ravi Teja steals the show with his energetic performance. His grace, dialogue delivery, fights and dances are a treat to watch for fans. This is one of the best cop roles played by Ravi Teja. Shruti Haasan looked glamorous and when we think it’s another routine role with no scope for performance, she is too good in an action block. Samuthirakani who played the main antagonist is okay. Although there’s enough elevation is given to the character, it becomes weak, after the entry of Ravi Teja and Vetapalem batch. The powerful villain becomes like a street rowdy, after a point. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar as Samuthirakani’s lover is good. P Ravi Shankar who is initially shown as a ruthless criminal becomes a comedy villain in last episodes. Chirag Jani is cool as a terrorist. Sudhakar and Vamsi didn’t get much scope. Vetapalem batch is just brilliant. Anketa Maharana sizzles in a special song and her dances are simply amazing. She will now become prime choice for the item songs. Other artists played their parts.

Krack Review Advantages:

Ravi Teja



Krack Review Drawbacks:

Routine Story

Predictable Narration

Shruti Haasan’s Track

Excess Action

Loopholes In Script

Krack Review, Rating Analysis:

It’s been long since Tollywood witnessed a pucca commercial entertainer and here comes Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja with his high voltage action entertainer Krack. Apparently, director Gopichand Malineni stated the film is based on true incidents as not to face the criticism of coming up with a regular content. Though he might have inspired by real characters, he in the quest of making it a commercial potboiler didn’t try anything unique. Fortunately, he’s backed by wonderful technical support.

The film begins on an interesting note with Venkatesh’s voiceover explaining how a mango, a Rs 50 note and a metal nail on a road changed lives of three notorious criminals. Chirag Jani is a most wanted terrorist who’s caught by Ravi Teja unknowingly and it’s Rs 50 that changes his fate. Ravi Shankar’s introduction of frightening a doctor is pretty routine stuff. He throws his dogs on a girl who comes to pluck a mango in his farm, leading to his meeting with another criminal Samuthirakani in a central jail. The narrative turns bit interesting with flashback episodes. Samuthirakani’s younger days are shown with a song. Vetapalem batch’s attack on Sudhakar is inspired by old films, but it’s engaging due to wonderful camera work and BGM altogether. The investigation process missed the interesting factor. Interval episode of Ravi Teja giving strong warning to Samuthirakani after arresting him promises a promising second half.

Second half is all about the clash between Ravi Teja and Samuthirakani for upper hand over one on the other. Ravi Teja mistakenly killing an innocent and twist behind it are lifted from Sethupathi. Then, like every commercial film, Ravi Teja in his return as police officer eradicates all the criminals in the town. Shruti Haasan’s fight is good, but the back story doesn’t make much impact. Then, finally he goes to Vetapalem to take on the batch. This is another massive fight sequence. As the story progresses Samuthirakani becomes weak and he’s made a comedy villain in the end. Ravi Shankar’s realization and Chirag Jani’s challenge gives perfect end to the film.

On the whole, Krack is a regular commercial entertainer with excellent performances and wonderful support from all the technicians. After Ravi Teja, cinematographer GK Vishnu and music director S Thaman are the major assets of the film. Both the technicians complemented each other with their work. The film may not excite those who wish to watch content rich films. But, it will amaze mass movie lovers and Ravi Teja fans. CJ rates this film 2.75 and the film’s fate depends on response for next Sankranthi arrivals.


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