Kothimooka Movie Review

Kothimooka Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Kothimooka: Busy hero Krishnudu teaming up with talented actor cum failed director AVS along with sex siren Shraddha Arya as heroine, ‘Kothimooka’ released today as second release in the week. Let us see, what ‘Monkey’ stunts AVS did this time?

In the Movie Kothimooka: Ramana (Krishnudu), is the only son of Akula Appa Rao (Jayaprakash Reddy), an unbeaten, corrupt MLA of Faisalabad (in Hyderabad) from last 20 years. Ramana is struggling to complete his final year graduation from last five years with full support from his mother Jambu (Kovai Sarala).

Ramana has a small flashback where in he loved classmate Lavanya (Sharddha Arya) who completed her graduation and left the college. Coming to present, Lavanya arrives in the same college as lecturer and comes to know about the love of Ramana through his mother Jambu.

Lavanya has a difficulty in accepting the love of Ramana and that is her father Anji (AVS), a Mushti (Beggar). How can son of a MLA marry daughter of a beggar. As elections are near, Appa Rao knowing this love story sends goons to kill Anji but fortunately he is saved.

Now, entire Mushti Sanghams and their Presidents, Secretaries (Brahmanandam, Ali, Raghu Babu, Venu Madhav) in Hyderabad along with support from Ramana will make Anji to file an election nomination for MLA seat against Appa Rao. Later how did these Mushti Unions using their Mushti campaigning and Veera Mushti ideas defeat Appa Rao? How did Anji deliver his first speech during oath taking ceremony enlightening all the MLA’s in Assembly? How did Appa Rao and his family react to the love of Ramana? form rest of the movie.
Values of the Movie Kothimooka: AVS has selected a story which do not make sense or have any logics, proving once again that he is not at all a director material. Screenplay was such weak that you never feel of connected to the movie. There was neither a feel nor a soul in entire run of ‘Kothimooka.’ Dialogues by Janardhana Maharshi were insane. Mani Sharma’s music was so painful yet it scored few positives now and then. Camerawork by Srinivas Reddy was absolutely low in standards. Same do apply for production values of Tulasi Poojitha Films of Venkat Jagadish.   

Acting wise wise Krishnudu improved a bit, still he can never be a performer with a single innocent expression lacking life in the dialogue delivery. Tried best with dances once again. Heroine Shraddha Arya is hot property with natural sex appeal but no scope for performance. Jayaprakash Reddy is day by day getting irksome  and unbearable with regular diction. Kovai Sarala used her loud mouth to create sound pollution in theatre.

Hero of the film AVS has capped the central character, that is Mushti Anji. With sobre dialgues and no content, he pulled the entire movie with single expression (resembling a patient suffering with dysentery).  Remaining Brahmanandam, Ali, Raghu Babu, Venu Madhav, Harshavardhan, LB Sriram, Gundu Hanumantha Rao, Hema, Jeeva, Ram Jagan and others were scrap.

Out of the Movie Kothimooka: It is mental agony to review this movie as there was not even a single positve point to mention except few meaningful dialogues in last speech which ofcourse had no connection with the main story. Characterisations were immature. Director himself was unclear about central point of the movie, beggars being useful or not for the society. Talking about beggar becoming a MLA may sound new but director's way of elevating the point lacked substance. Not even a single scene was worth to mention, emotional and intensity wise. It’s pity that our bankrupt story writers are concentrating on beggars for their plots. Artists in the movie were nothing less than their director in torturing the audience. Item song by Madhu Sharma and Sekhar Master was okay.

Parody song in the movie manipulated few verses of Srisri’s ‘Mahaprasthanam’ and that was  an insult to our Telugu cinema. First half was headache with no material except bringing the point of conflict before interval. Second half was further more calamitous.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Kothimooka: Don’t dare to go near this ‘Mushti Mooka’             

                                                                                                 Revieweed by Srivaas

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