Konda Review

Konda Review
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Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Producer: Konda Sushmitha Patel
Release Date: Thu 23rd Jun 2022
Actors: Thrigun A
Konda Rating: 1 / 5
Konda Punchline: Turns out to be crap!

What's Behind

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma longtime back lost his sheen. He is known for his controversial films and his latest film turned out to be Konda. The film is a biopic on politicians Konda Surekha and Konda Murali and it hit the screens today. Let us see what RGV offered to movie lovers.

Story Review

Konda Murali's (Trigun) parents (LB.Sriram and Tulasi) forcibly send him to pursue higher studies in a college in Warangal as he indulges in fights taking on the upper class unable to tolerate their atrocities. Konda Murali who is a man of action and man of few words gets into contact with Naxal sympathizer RK and meets Bharatakka (Parvathi) and charming girl Surekha (Ira Mor) in his college. His life takes a dangerous turn when he joins hands with politician Nalla Sudhakar (Prithviraj) through his friend Pratap (Jabardasth Ramprasad). To find out where it leads, watch Konda on screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Trigun played well in the role of Konda Murali. He showed intense, violent, and ferocious expressions. He got to show only one expression throughout the film and he did it with ease. Ira Mor stole the show with her looks and also with her performance. She came up with good expressions and emotions showing variations. Others performed according to their roles.

Ram Gopal Varma started the narration in a decent manner. The first half showed the rise of Konda Murali in an interesting manner to some extent. His association with Konda Surakha and also Naxals increase curiosity. However from then on as the cast turned out to be misfits, the scenes involving Prithvi and others instead of looking serious turned out to be hilarious and silly. As the first half nears completion, RGV loses the plot and the entire second half turns out to be ridiculous.

RGV known for his masterpieces during his hay days is now coming with mediocre films. Gone are the days when one can expect films like Raktha Charitra, Company and now he is making films just for the sake of them and cheap publicity rather than out of passion. His story turned out to be below average as he seemed to be in confusion as to whose biopic he is making, whether Konda Murali or Konda Surekha. The less we talk about the screenplay and direction, the better it is. In the midst of all this, RGV who is known to get the best output from the cast and crew failed to do so.

Trigun seemed lost for expressions and looked out of sync and so too are the other actors who turned the film below par that of a TV serial. Songs looked out of place and slowed the pace of the narration and even irritated viewers. The cinematography of Malharbhatt Joshi looked odd and the editing of Manish Thakur left a lot to be desired. DSR Balaji's BGM also turned out to be below average. Production values are below standards.



Ira Mor to some extent


Ram Gopal Varma



Production Values

Rating Analysis

Ram Gopal Varma as usual increased everyone's curiosity when he announced a biopic on politicians Konda Murali and Konda Surekha and titled it, Konda. But just like all his films, Konda also fizzled out after all the hype. Wonder, why Ram Gopal Varma selects biopics of factionists and does films like Raktha Charitra, Vangaveeti, and now Konda. He just does it to glorify violence on screen in a perverted manner. People are not interested in watching such violent biopics and it's only for case studies one can view such films. Konda doesn't fall in any of these categories as it turned out to be crap rather than a classic which can be used as a case study like earlier RGV films for their technical brilliance. RGV's Konda with the lackluster story, screenplay, and direction and mediocre production values, and comical star cast, turned out to be a disaster. Considering all these points, CJ goes with a 1 rating for Konda.


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