Komaram Puli Movie Review

Komaram Puli Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Komaram Puli: Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s much awaited project in direction of SJ Suryah with music from AR Rahman has arrived today amidst confusions and chaos. With high expectations witnessed ever in Tollywood, Pawan Kalyan Fans went into festive mood with this release. Let us see, how this ‘Khushi’ combination worked out on ‘Puli’?

In the Movie Komaram Puli: Movie starts in 1985 in BK Naik Thanda where an Inspector’s wife (Saranya), who is also pregnant runs away to save her life and baby from the hands of local goon Al Saleem (Manoj Bajpai). After loosing her husband in hands of Al Saleem; she is worried looking at growing criminals in society and Police officers becoming their chamchas. This weak lady prays God Ayyappa to save this country and is determined with the blessings of same God to groom the new born as honest Police Officer. This new born boy is named as Komaram Puli who soon grows up as IPS, Officer on Special Duty Komaram Puli (Pawan Kalyan).

After saving the life of Prime Minister (Girish Karnad) in Thailand, Puli finds the necessity of policing the police in India and gets the Government permission to start ‘Puli Team.’ This team is on task from day one to bring change in the relation between Police and Public. During this process when Puli is working on a missing Police Inspector Hussain (Director SJ Suryah) case, Puli comes in confrontation with Al Saleem, now an International Don running the Mafia with help of IG Ranjith Prasad (Charan Raj) and Commissioner Ravi Kumar (Naazar).

On other side, beautiful girl Madhulatha (Nikesha Patel) loves Puli for his sincerity and using the comedians troop (Ali and others), she marries Puli. Coming to work, with the help of Hussain’s girl friend (Shriya), how did Puli and his team crack Al Saleem and his connection with International Terrorist Nixon? How is Nixon related to Komaram Puli? How did Puli react, when her mother narrates the flashback? form the lengthy climax.     

Values of the Movie Komaram Puli: Pawan Kalyan is well set as tough cop Komaram Puli. Responsibilities and duties of Police are well explained through this character in the form of few lectures by Pawan Kalyan. As usual Pawan looked glamorous with ease in body language but no caution was taken in designing the costumes. Heroine Nikesha Patel is awesome beauty with too much of fresh oomph that is well tapped. Her buxom body with sharp curves was a feast to watch. Manoj Bajpai was at his routine villainy but his character lacked the required strength. Saranya excelled very well as Puli’s mother and the scene in which she takes on face to face with Manoj Bajpai received claps in theatre. Remaining Naazar, Charan Raj, Girish Karnad, Ali were okay. Shriya as girl friend to SJ Suryah was although not required for the movie but she was again red hot showing her sexy structure in item song ‘Dochey Dochey...’

Story conceived by SJ Suryah and Sippy was of a tough cop. Required strength and depth in characterization of such Police Officer was made incompatible with numerous loop holes in scripting. Dialogues by SJ Suryah and Sippy killed the characters of hero, villain and others. Cinematography skills of International famous Binodh Pradhan were not well utilized. Music from AR Rahman was best in two songs while background was again good in patches. Editing by Prabhakaran was ‘Aravam Athi’ that is full of Tamil Flavor which urgently requires scissoring of few lengthy scenes between Hero and Heroine that disturbed the momentum in movie orientation. Production values of Singanamala Ramesh Babu were eye glittering and best in recent times. 

Out of the Movie Komaram Puli:
For all Power Star Fans, there is only one reason to feel proud about movie and that’s Pawan Kalyan. With a Powerful team of AR Rahman and Binodh Pradhan at his disposal; director SJ Suryah was erratic through out showing his non sense talent while Pawan Kalyan alone tried to breeze life into the movie. Weak choreography was one more minus which made AR Rahman’s songs to look stale. CG work could have been better.

First person to be blamed for taking two years in completion of this project with such a heavy budget and bringing out a mediocre output is SJ Suryah. Handling of scenes, controlling of budget, placement of songs, love chemistry between lead pair and action episodes make sure that SJ Suryah urgently needs a good Psychiatrist’s attention. Moment when story slowly starts sinking into the audience, SJ Suryah blunders by pulling in the useless elements into the story and thus disturbs the show in total.

Lengthy introduction fight, lenghty climax fight, costly settings, mindless intermediary CG works, playing with Power Star image are evidences for SJ Surya’s determination to destroy the final output. Only those who lack common sense will opt for such bogus techniques. By the way, the kind of story visualized by SJ Suryah doesn’t require any big names like AR Rahman and Binodh Pradhan; only those with mental imbalance and loose focus as SJ Suryah will follow this approach.

If first half is highlighted with powerful dialogues of Pawan Kalyan on duty, patriotism and two songs; second half is full of action and a predictable lengthy climax.

Pawan Kalyan’s unique power, Nikesha Patel’s glamour, Saranya’s performance, Rahman’s background score, Cop story, Singanamala Ramesh’s extra ordinary production values are positives while Suryah’s brainless scripting, failure of using Binodh Pradhan and Rahman, most incompatible scenes with low grip, pale dialogues have done too much damage to ‘Komaram Puli.’

Name of Pawan Kalyan will help ‘Komaram Puli’ witness heavy and record breaking openings but a drastic fall in collections will be seen very soon.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Komaram Puli:
All Power Fans can watch it once.

                                                                                  Reviewed by Srivaas

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