Killing Veerappan Review

Killing Veerappan Review
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Killing Veerappan Review, What’s Behind: A clearly out of from Ram Gopal Varma when trying his familiar genre of crime and thrills thereof with interesting story of dacoit Veerappan, obviously we will be excited to the core. After crossing Censor hurdles in Telugu with Kannada version getting a big applause, let us get deep into the review portion.

Killing Veerappan Story: There is nothing much like to say about story into this film. Everything is just screenplay based. Narration begins with explanation of atrocities committed by Veerappan in the path of becoming a famous dacoit. Later on, couple episodes wherein Veerappan (Sandeep Bharadwaj) kills those agents who reach him in jungle are very weakly presented. After Special Cop (Shiva Raj Kumar)’s sketches go failed in bringing Veerappan out from forest, finally they use a plot of luring him with LTTE and AK 47 guns to put an end.

Killing Veerappan Artists and Technicians: Analyzing firstly from Ram Gopal Varma, this assignment is a cakewalk for him. Much of the time, technicalities like aerial camera work or arrangement of blocks create some sort of interest. Apparently, there is nothing like an effort made by RGV to bring an emotional quotient into narration to elaborate Veerappan’s personal life. Though Muthu Lakshmi character is present, it went useless. Problem lied in RGV presenting the whole story from hero Shiva Raj Kumar point of view and not Veerappan. This kept the focus only in Police sketches without elevating Veerappan characterization. For those enthusiastic cinema lovers who watch this film are left disappointed with subject dilution. May be, RGV is interested more with commercial exploitation of Shiva Raj Kumar image rather than providing insights into sandalwood smuggler’s actual life. Cinematography from Rammy is as conventional as RGV’s last few year disasters. Despite this average camera work, they were able to bring loads of realistic touch into execution. Editing wise Anwar Ali too did an average job. Too many chasing scenes and hero briefing plans of action ate plenty of time. Music wise, the tracks used by Ravi Shankar for BGM are age old and can be found ample in RGV staple. Dialogue writing department is totally insignificant. Production standards from BV Manjunath are also mediocre.

Onto performances, Sandeep Bharadwaj physically resembled the deadliest criminal though his screen presence is very less. Shiva Raj Kumar’s histrionics in second half are surely the epitome of his stardom. He is just awesome in interrogation scenes which are again excellently dealt by RGV. Among female artists, Parul Yadav’s role as informer is confusing while Yagna Shetty as Muthu Lakshmi did a fairly good job. Rockline Venkatesh beginning the proceedings as a martyr police officer is worth to quote. Rest may not need a mention.

Killing Veerappan Rating Analysis: From RGV’s continuously falling standards point of view, this film will rekindle the hope of persistence in quality standards still hidden inside him. Last 20 to 25 minutes is purely RGV’s show. The kind of thrill he builds up for Operation Cocoon with Veerappan trimming his moustache, Shiva Raj Kumar preparing the ground for execution of plot are astonishingly presented. This is what we call RGV’s masterstroke or sheer brilliance in this multi shaded personality. However, we cannot bear whole 120 minutes of splitting head pain for the sake of last 20 minutes, isn’t it?

On the whole, RGV is always a surprise package for audience. If you expect something from Veerappan, he shows you a heroic show leaded by Cop Shiva Raj Kumar. Basic complaint from audience and critics would commonly strike with absence of Veerappan centric episodes because planning and decision making is isolated within Shiva Raj Kumar. All in all, if you bear to let off nearly 2 hours of show including first half and first 20 to 25 minutes in second half, the real RGV rescues you in climax. His enormous, sincere research done on the subject is visible many a times. 

With audience nowhere in AP and TS aware of the movie’s release status, it is very hard to expect any revenues from theaters. Taking the brainy comeback of RGV into best off his touches, Cinejosh is rating Killing Veerappan with 2.5 stars.

Killing Veerappan Cinejosh Verdict: 2 Hours Killing – 20 Minutes Thrilling.

                                       Killing Veerappan Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5.0

                                                                                                   Reviewed by Srivaas

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