Khaidi Review

Khaidi Review
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Director: Lokesh Kanakaraj
Producer: SR Prabhu
Release Date: Fri 25th Oct 2019
Actors: Karthi
Khaidi Rating: 3.0 / 5
Khaidi Punchline: New Age Novelty

Khaidi Review, What’s Behind?

Karthi has picked another unique film Khaidi directed by Lokesh Kanakaraj whose first film Nagaram won critical accolades. Will this experimental film provide break for Karthi whose last movie Dev was an utter flop? Will Lokesh break second film jinx? Let's see.

Khaidi Story Review:

On way to meet his daughter for the first time, a life sentenced prisoner Dilli (Karthi) after being released from jail after 10 years is forced to help a police officer Bejoy (Narain) who is dealing biggest drug mafia case. The mafia gang is split as batches, one to attack Bejoy’s gang and other to attack police station where the drug dump is hidden. How Dilli tackles the situation to safeguard the police officers and meet his daughter forms crux of the story?

Khaidi Artists, Technicians Review:

Basic fact that this entire story takes place in the span of a single night gives Khaidi a unique flavor. A wafer thin plotline is made as an engaging action thriller, thanks to Lokesh Kanakaraj’s exceptional screen writing and incredible taking. Emotions, drama and humor are mixed in right proportion making it a wholesome entertainer. Despite heavy action episodes, one hardly feels bored, thanks to excellent action choreography by Anbariv. Sathyan Sooryan’s cinematography is top-class, wherein Sam CS's background score complementes the visuals. Philomin Raj’s sharp editing add to positives. Production values of Dream Warrior Pictures and Sathya Sai Arts are good.

Onto performances, Karthi lived in the role and it by far is one of the best performances in his career. With his eased comic timing, innocent acts and high-duty stunts make us cherish this character for long. Narain was cool as police officer and Harish Uthaman was a surprise package. The baby who did Karthi’s daughter was adorable. Others were okay.

Khaidi Review Advantages:






Khaidi Review Drawbacks:

Few Stretched Scenes

Lack Of Commercial Elements

Tamil Flavour

Khaidi Review, Rating Analysis:

It’s definitely a biggest experiment in recent times. The film hasn't got a heroine and has no single song. Complete story is based on incidents happen in one night. Such screenplay based films are a challenge for directors and Lokesh scores well with his work both on writing and direction.

First half begins on an emotional note with a girl in an orphan home informed that a special person is going to meet her next day. After a special police team led by Narain seizes a record amount of drug, Karthi is forced to help them in the mission and blending of two sub-plots makes narrative an interesting watch. The girl waiting for dawn to see Karthi is heart warming emotional angle. A bang on interval after a twist about the antagonist assures a promising second half.

Second half too begins on interesting note with Karthi trying to protect the police officers and a constable with help of college students taking on goons who attack the police station on two purposes. Karthi’s back story is narrated in a single dialogue yet it makes great impact. Climax is surely one of the biggest highlights when Karthi finally meets his daughter.

All in all, Khaidi is novel and gripping action thriller with adequate amount of humor and emotions. The film is completely focused on the storyline and doesn't deviate a bit. Karthi’s remarkable show, captivating BGM and stupendous camera work are the emphasizing facets. CJ goes with 3 star rating and the film has good chances to shine at box office if promoted properly. If you love to watch new age films based on screenplay, Khaidi is first choice.


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