KGF Review

KGF Review
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Director: Prashanth Neel
Producer: Sai Korrapati
Release Date: Fri 21st Dec 2018
Actors: Yash
KGF Chapter 1 Rating: 3.25 / 5
KGF Chapter 1 Punchline: Peaks Of Heroism

KGF Review, What’s Behind?

Did you watch Ugramm, one of the biggest mass entertainers directed by Prashanth Neel in Sandalwood? Same director has come up with yet another mass entertainer KGF. Both teaser and trailer of the film have got overwhelming response hiking the expectations in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Kannada versions. The film stars Kannada young sensation Rock Star Yash. Let’s see whether the KGF Chapter 1 reaches the sky high expectations…

KGF Story Review:

Rocky (Yash), taking inspiration from the words of his single mother dreams big to rule Duniya (the world). After conquering Mumbai mafia, he enters Bangalore on a mission. In no time, his mission to eliminate the king of KGF (Kolar Gold Fields) is not that simple and stepping into KGF is no less than entering the hell. But, Rocky takes it as an opportunity to fulfill the dream. Will he finish the KGF mafia is full of action packed entertainment.

KGF Artists, Technicians Review:

How many heroism elevation scenes does a mass film have? Hardly five to six, right. In fact, directors lift up pluckiness in protagonist most probably through a fight sequence. Yes, action episodes are the best way to portray impulse in a scene. But, director Prashanth Neel used three weapons to glorify heroism. While one is as said earlier it’s stunts, second one is ambience created and the third is dialogues which play more influential than bloodshed and violence. There is one famous dialogue in a Telugu film, “Prathi Scene Introduction Laga Undali.” You will stop counting such scenes in KGF as movie progresses. 

From the word go to the beginning of second half till Yash enters KGF, there are uncountable mass elevation scenes which will blow your mind. Each fight scene is bigger in mass appeal than the previous one.

Director Prashanth Neel made KGF in a way that it turned out to be Baap of all the mass films and commercial entertainers we enjoyed in recent times. You are wrong, if you have concluded that the film has nothing but fights. It has good dose of emotional content too. In fact, second half has acceptable drama which makes us to wait for protagonist to unleash all his muscle power in KGF. Prashanth also mesmerized with back and forth screenplay to highlight verve of protagonist.

Coming to other technical departments, cinematographer Bhuvan Gowda, editor Shrikanth and music directors Ravi Basrur, Tanishk Bagchi did not restrict their work to shore up Prashanth’s work but competed with each other. All these technicians have put in their blood and soul to give an engaging ride for viewers. Especially, VFX is top notch. Production values are superlative. 

Onto artists, Rocky is a tailor-made role for Yash who enacted it with perfection. His dynamism in action episodes is unbelievable. His physical frame and screen presence is unmatchable. Srinidhi Shetty has got a brief role. The one who played main villain looked as powerful as Yash. Tamannah Bhatia sizzled in a special number. All other artists played their roles efficiently. In fact, there’s no single character which looked dull though all the faces are new to Telugu audience.

KGF Review Advantages:








Production Design

KGF Review Drawbacks:

Outdated Story

Cinematic Liberty

Excess Violence

Strictly For Masses

KGF Review, Rating Analysis:

Heroism is an addiction which never gets bored both for audience and technicians. Given the right lead scenes and proper emotional drive, masses go crazy and bless biggest of commercial successes. From K Raghavendra Rao to SS Rajamouli, their moot formula for blockbusters lied in hero elevation. KGF is simply a book of heroism as director Praveen Neel and hero Yash take audience into an imaginary world of Kolar Gold Fields where the regular formula of weaker slavery sections are physically tortured by a powerfully ruthless don until their messiah arrives.  Right from scene 1, note down the number of heroics and you will lose the count midway.

First half kick starts introducing us to a banned book written on tough criminal Rocky. A media house bringing in the author of book for a show begins the narrative from writer’s point of view. However, the non-linear screenplay adopted by Prashanth Neel is crystal clear for patrons to draw a chord between birth and growth of protagonist with that of discovering Kolar Gold mines and exploitation dating from 1950s to 1980s. 

While lack of Telugu artists might lead to a bit of confusion in establishing the mammoth growth and internal politics in KGF kingdom, it’s the heroism of Yash in undertaking a mission from Mumbai streets to Bangalore for killing Garuda takes the center stage. Yash’s rowdy look and his ease at performing mind blowing stunts instantly dip masses in whistles. Mumbai part is well executed but once Yash turns to Bangalore, there is a dip in pace of storytelling. Unnecessary romance with Sri Nidhi Shetty and couple of songs diluted the essence. Tamanna’s item song might appeal the masses. Interval bang again lifts the tempo as Yash is on first move to KGF.

Second half is more about presentation of slavery in KGF. Though many of the scenes in this part appear old and retold many times, it’s the conviction of Prashanth bought new lease of life. Not one or two, Prashanth heaps up a bunch of tragic suffering lead scenes before Yash lets himself free to throw the fist. Leave the cinematic liberties to air when Yash, Prashanth are free flowing until they eliminate Garuda in a deadly choreographed stunt sequence. Here ends KGF Chapter 1 leaving more hints on content and action driven KGF Chapter 2 soon to release, packed with more surprises. 

All in all, KGF is a full meal for masses. Yash will surely leave a mark with his solid screen presence, so is the craftsmanship and vision in director Prashanth Neel. If you are a hardcore Fan of action packed entertainers, here is the best for you in weekend. Despite the drawback of being called a dubbed film, KGF stands tall for brilliant team work delivering a high voltage impact. CJ goes with 3.25 stars and chances are 100 percent for theaters to rise in AP, TS from Monday to cater the public demand in targeted B, C centers. Box Office wise, here is the new name… Yash steps into Tollywood.


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