Kevvu Keka Review

Kevvu Keka Review
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Director: Devi Prasad
Producer: Jhanavi Productions
Release Date: Fri 19th Jul 2013
Actors: Allari Naresh
Kevvu Keka Movie Rating: 2.5 / 5
Punchline: Kevvu Keka - Not As Loud As It Should Be

Behind the Movie Kevvu Keka: Minimum guarantee hero Allari Naresh’s last flick ‘Action 3D’ was a disaster. So, teaming with Devi Prasad, Sharmila Mandre for this film raised the expectations. Let us see, how good is comedy in this film?

In the Movie Kevvu Keka: Story begins with Buchi Raju (Allari Naresh) entering in a 5 Star Hotel to commit a suicide by consuming poison. Unfortunately, his plan misfires and is saved by Uncle Magician Abrakadabra Appa Rao (Krishna Bhagawan). Here on, Buchi Raju explains his flashback love affair with Maha Lakshmi (Sharmila Madre), daughter of money craving father Subba Rao (MS Narayana). As Maha Lakshmi quickly reacts positive to get romantic with Buchi Raju, she bluffs her father presenting Kalamandir Salesman Buchi Raju as owner. In no time, Subba Rao is alerted with original identity of Buchi Raju and throws him a challenge to earn Rs.1 Crore for winning his daughter.         

Having listened to the flashback, Appa Rao does a favor to Buchi Raju by showing the way to earn this needed money using Gottam Gopala Krishna (Ashish Vidyarthi), living in Bangkok after deceiving Buchi Raju’s father. What is Gopala Krishna’s business in Bangkok? How his wife (Kiran Rathore), secretary (Jyothy) and others inclusive of Buchi Raju plan for kidnap of Gopala Krishna? All these form rest of climax.

Values of the Movie Kevvu Keka: Like all the earlier movies of Allari Naresh, this film has the strength in sparsely humor spreading episodes while the boring narration and pathetic screenplay played with senses of audience. Satish Vegeshna’s dialogues were not as best as needed for an Allari Naresh flick. Rhyming, Comedy Punches here and there clicked and generated laughs especially from the characters of MS, Krishna Bhagawan, Dhanraj and Ali who works as Peon in Bangkok. Cinematography of A Vijay Kuamr is a routine work while Hari Nandamuri’s editing could have been better in second half although he seems to have used the scissors to curtail many useless scenes. Bheems and Chinni Charan music is hopeless except Mumaith Khan’s item song. Production values of Boppana Chandrasekhar and Jahnavi Production are below average.

What is Good:

1. Bits and Pieces of Comedy

2. First Half

3. Allari Naresh Presence

4. Mumaith Khan Item Song

What is Bad:

1. No Content in Story

2. Pathetic Screenplay

3. Boring Second Half 

4. Weak Romance on Lead Pair

5. Punch Less Dialogues     

Out of the Movie Kevvu Keka: Though Naresh tried his best to lift the output by giving his best; this was not enough to cover plenty of loopholes left by director. Narration gets deplorable with unnecessary confusion drama created to generate fun in second half. Take off is pretty bad and first half an hour is still more bamboozling. Then, movie picks up for an interval bang with Bangkok trip planned. When audiences expect more of the quality treatment in second half, director Devi Prasad failed to raise the bar. Despite the presence of big bunch of star cast, none of them are properly used. Episodes of Telugu cultural program, Ashish Vidyarthi kidnap, Chloroform are based on age old formula and Devi Prasad did not miss his brand Rat Comedy this time too. 

Overall, Kevvu Keka is not a characteristic comedy product on the standards of Allari Naresh and Devi Prasad. Though entertaining here and there with scene by scene, this could have been still better if Devi Prasad concentrated a bit more on weak content. For general audience who just want to enjoy the presence of Allari Naresh, this is one time watch. 

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Kevvu Keka: Not As Loud As It Should Be.  

                                                           Cinejosh Rating: 2.5

                                                                                                  Reviewed by Srivaas

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