Keshava Review

Keshava Review
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Director: Sudheer Varma
Producer: Abhishek Nama
Release Date: Fri 19th May 2017
Actors: Nikhil
Keshava Rating: 2.75 / 5
Keshava Punchline: Thrilling Till Interval

Keshava Review, What's Behind?: Films like Swamy Raa Raa, Karthikeya, Surya Vs Surya and Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada were made with crime and thrilling concepts and made Nikhil one of the most sought after heroes among youngsters. This time, the hero has come up with a revenge drama which was helmed by Sudheer Varma who earlier worked with Nikhil for 'Swamy Raa Raa'. Thanks for the truculent publicity which made high expectations on the film. Let's get into the review of the film.

Keshava Story Review: Keshav Sharma (Nikhil) is law college student in Kakinada who mercilessly murders three SIs of Anaparthi, Mandapeta and Annavaram. As these SIs indulge in the terrible car accident which lead to the death of his parents, Keshava takes the revenge on them. However, a special officer Sharmila Mishra (Isha Koppikar) is appointed to deal the case. In a turn of events, it is also known that Keshav targets two more cops (Ajay and Brahmaji). Will he take revenge on them? How does his friend Sathyabhama (Ritu Varma) help him? Then who is Rao Ramesh? All the answers for the questions form rest of the story.

Keshava Artists, Technicians Review: As Nikhil, himself, discloses his heart is situated on the right side of the chest and so can't emote for any incident, he exhibited subtle performance which is inevitable for the portrayal of his character. He looked macho and handsome in light beard and moustaches. Comparatively, his maturity levels in performance escalated with that of his previous offings. Ritu Varma was decent. Though she had ample screen space, she could not get opportunity to showcase her talent.  Isha Koppikar's role reminds us Nahiya's role from 'Drushyam'. Performance wise, she scored little better than Ritu. Rao Ramesh, who played not so lengthy role, showed off a glimpse of his performance in the climax episode of the movie. Priyadarshi's capabilities were wasted in hero's friend's role while Vennnela Kishore could generate laughs in classroom scenes. 

Dealing the motion picture in a short span of 116 minutes, director Sudheer Varma gains score. His stylish taking turns out to be an advantage for the film. Especially, the first half of the film runs racy and crispy. Brahmaji's murder episode was shot better. In contrast no such exciting moments in the second half were noticed and the story turns predictable henceforth. Diwakar Mani's cinematography showcased some picturesque locales through drones which impressed audience. Sunny MR's BGM matched the content. Kala Bhairava song, which gave awe-struct experience to listen, was not exciting in the movie.

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First half



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Second half


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Keshava Review, Rating Analysis: 

Keshava, which was, hitherto, thought to be thrilling revenge drama, has finally ended up as a routine murder mystery and revenge drama. The film was set in East Godavari backdrop and which is why the names of cities and villages such as Kakinada, Amalapuram, Mandapeta, Anaparthy and Annavaram were referred. Although most of the scenes haven't been shot in the locales exactly where the characters talk about, a nice capturing of locations by DoP in divergent locales must need appreciations. 

Co-incidentally, the film has many similarities in last week's release 'Venkatapuram'. Protagonists of both the films take revenge on numerous cops. Interestingly both the  heroes took part in 'Happy Days'. 

Keshava has been highly gripping till interval scene wherein hero is arrested by the police. All that momentum is lost in the second half when everything goes imaginable by the audience. Hero's heart disorder issue was not dealt in the movie. Moreover, the reason for hero taking revenge on cops was not that appealing and satisfactory. Had those cops done any injustice to his parents other than a simple accident, it could have been much better.

Keshava is surely a must watch film for audience who are interested in crime, murder and mystery films. However, the film is unlikely to attract various other sections likes families and youth. Cinejosh gives Keshava rating at 2.75 stars.

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