Kathi Kantha Rao Movie Review

Kathi Kantha Rao Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Kathi Kantha Rao: EVV Satyanarayana struggling to come out of his failure Buridi, Allari Naresh rendering hit after hit, Kamna Jethmalani’s awesome glamour as an added flavor, here comes Kathi Kantha Rao in very low sound. Let us see how far did this father and son succeed this time?

In the Movie Kathi Kantha Rao: Kantha Rao (Allari Naresh) is an intelligent police constable who has too many family problems to bail out. Kantha Rao has two elder sisters who are married but their husbands (Krishna Bhagawan, Srinivas Reddy) continuously torture Kantha Rao for gifts and remaining two younger sisters are ready for marriage. Kantha Rao’s father (Dharmavarapu) is a suspended home guard with no work other than scolding his son. Even this father and son are into a legal agreement that Kantha Rao shouldn’t get married unless he gets all his four sisters lives settled.

On the other hand Kantha Rao is already secretly married to Ratnam (Kamna Jethmalani) whom his superior officer SI Kanakaratnam (Jeeva) thinks to be a brothel. At this moment, Kantha Rao finalizes the marriages of his younger sisters with son of Inspector General (Chalapathi Rao) and one more with his constable colleague (Venu Madhav). When Kanakaratnam reveals the secret marriage before the entire family of Kantha Rao, story shifts to a rural village Vengalappa Palem in Konaseema where we find Ratnam’s father Ringu Raja Rao (Kota) having a tough competition in local elections for the post of village president with Lanka Satish (Ahuthi Prasad). How Kantha Rao solved his family problems, how did Ringu Raja Rao win the election, what was the happy ending of his four sisters? form the remaining part of story.

Values of the Movie Kathi Kantha Rao: If you feel of missing EVV’s movie in recent times, then here is his slap stick comedy which proves that he is still the best. Neither story is too great nor the direction is extra ordinary yet you enjoy the movie through out. Story of the movie is divided into two parts, one in the city and the other in village. EVV mixes both of them to offer a decent entertainer. Dialogues by Prasad Varma are funny in many places and especially when it comes to playing satires with contemporary political, cinema and police subjects, we find easily connected and laugh still louder. Editing by Goutham Raju, Cinematography by Vijay Kumar and music by Mallikarjun are just average. Production values of Big B Banners were also just okay. 

Performance wise Allari Naresh is consistent through out the film. EVV makes best use of his son and there are three to four scenes where we will be impressed by their perfect rapport. Kamna Jethmalani’s character wasn’t etched out proper. Glamour and oomph wise, she is best utilized as ‘Stress’ reliever. Venu Madhav as side kick to hero maintained good tempo while Krishna Bhagawan, Srinivas Reddy, Chalapathi Rao, Ahuthi Prasad, Jeeva, Raghu Babu, Nalla Venu as a team succeeded. Kota Srinivas Rao has got the lengthy role with various shades and EVV brings out once again the best in him. 

Out of the Movie Kathi Kantha Rao: As we already know, slap stick comedies from EVV won’t work when you apply logics. Watching the movie with minimum possible expectations and granting the way for cinematic liberties, you will find EVV regaining his touch. First few minutes of second half, we find the clear lag in story and narration else in almost all the scenes we find one or the other dialogue trying to make you laugh. Director seriously had some limitations as per his script and with in the space available EVV entertains us to his best. Either comedy scene or sentimental scene or emotional scene or a connecting scene, it can be observed that EVV tried to add his flavor. Basic story line of this movie has the shade of EVV’s all time comedy hit ‘Appula Appa Rao.’

First half of the movie had the introduction to real content and the conflict point established at interval traverses on to a different path in second half which is altogether a new story. Again EVV well tied both the parts using the heroine character and its importance. Over all we find EVV trademark entertainment in every scene and for sure you never get tired or bored with his attempt.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Kath Kantha Rao: A typical EVV ‘Madatha Kaaja.’

                                                                                            Reviewed by Srivaas

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