Kathanam Review

Kathanam Review
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Director: Rajesh Nadendla
Producer: Narendra Reddy, Sharma Chukka
Release Date: Fri 09th Aug 2019
Actors: Anasuya
Kathanam Rating: 2.0 / 5
Kathanam Punchline: Total Boredom

Kathanam Review, What’s Behind: 

Star anchor turned actress Anasuya proved her-self as a crowd puller with success of female centric crime thriller Kshanam. She played prominent roles in blockbusters like Rangasthalam and F2 too. Anasuya has now come up with yet another crime thriller Kathanam, directed by Rajesh Nadendla and music composed by Sunil Kashyap while Srinivas Avasarala, Dhanraj and Vennela Kishore essayed other crucial roles. 

Kathanam Story Review:

Anu (Anasuya) is a script writer desperately trying for a chance in movies. All of her efforts go in vain as no producer shows interest on her script. Finally, a group of four producers ring her up and invite to narrate the script. After meeting with producers, they ask for necessary changes to script and also offer her a direction chance. Twist is, a series murders take place in a row which exactly resemble with those scenes in her script. A DSP, A former MP, a district collector and a doctor are dead suspiciously. Having shocked, Anu approaches police officer (Randhir) and during the investigation, they find some shocking facts. What are those facts? Who is responsible for these murders? 

Kathanam Artists, Technicians Review:

Prime objective for any thriller is just to engage audience with swift paced Kathanam (screen play) and this prime aspect barely lacked in Kathanam. Don't know why most of the scenes turned preachy and dragged until audience lost patience. Director Rajesh Nadendla failed fundamentally in executing the script. Though, there were thrilling moments here and there, they failed to reach audience owing to unneeded clichés, lengthy and boring threads. While production values are on par with TV serial, BGM and single song by Sunil Kashyap are below par. Cinematography and editing are also pretty average.

Performances wise, Anasuya proved her mettle again. Her decent performance in sentimental scenes stand first rated. She was at best both as Anu and Aravinda. Then Vennela Kishore irritates at best and tests our patience. Dhanraj did a god job as Anu's assistant and close aide. Srinivas Avasarala has done his part adequately. 

Kathanam Review Advantages:


Kathanam Review Drawbacks:

Kathanam (Screen play)



Production Design

Boredom All Over 

Kathanam Review, Rating Analysis:

De facto, Kathanam had a good story line. Inexperienced execution and direction played spoilsport diluting the content and appeal. Into the first half, Vennela Kishore and Dhan Raj's lengthy comedy sequences offered boundless boredom and these entire episodes can easily be chopped off. Particularly, they poured water on the essence of a thrilling element within the first half itself. However, interval was a little better as the director maintained some tempo in suspense element. 

Comparatively, the second half was dealt better than first half. First 30 minutes post the interval runs on some interesting twists. However, flashback episode again turns boring. Finally, the film ends with an unexpected twist that is again dealt feeble. 

Kathanam is one more case of a good story gone wasted with poor execution. Movie could have been lot better had it is been devoid of superfluous cliches and redundant comic sequences. CJ goes with 2 stars just for Anasuya factor. Kathanam is an easy skip for this week.


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