Karthikeya Review

Karthikeya Review
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Behind the Movie Karthikeya: Young hero Nikhil and cute girl Colors Swathi joined debutant director Chandoo Mondeti for a thriller comedy with temple backdrop. Let us see, how far the magic of ‘Swamy Rara’ is repeated here?

In the Movie Karthikeya: Story begins with introduction to Endowments Employee (Raja Ravindra) killed by snake bite while doing a research to break the mystery behind Kumara Swamy temple in Subramanya Puram. He works under Endowments Officer Pruthvi (Rao Ramesh) who believes in divinity. Along the series, a Police Officer (Kishore) and a pair of love birds are also killed in same temple backdrop. 

Medicos Karthik (Nikhil) and his group of friends (Praveen, Sathya) are posted to the same village of Subramanya Puram on medical camp. Meanwhile, Karthik’s girl friend cum dentist Valli (Colors Swathi) hails from same temple village while his father (Tanikella) is a priest. Enthusiast Karthik peeps into the temple mystery and some pale secrets are unraveled in the process. 

Values of the Movie Karthikeya: As per present day suspense thrillers, directors are more believing in technical department excellence rather than actual stuff in their subject. Debutant Chandoo Mondeti followed the same line of elevating thrills more by camera work, BGM and less in substance. The acceleration picked up by Chandoo in very starting of story narration declined in graph as it proceeded on. The slow paced story movement is made bearable because of new locations grabbed beautifully by the camera work of Karthik Ghattamaneni. He cranked the camera in all possible angles to generate shivers. At the same time, Sekhar Chandra’s BGM cannot be looked down. He did a very good job. Editing by Karthik Srinivas lost the sharpness in crucial climax. VFX work is high on standards. Production values of Venkat Srinivas, Magnum Cine Prime Banner are just mind blowing.

Performance wise, for the first time Nikhil gave a settled performance as medico. His character is etched neatly enthusiastically without any extras. More than the zeal in chasing temple secrets, he was good in romantic episodes with Swathi. Their chemistry is well worked. Swathi was made to look a bit hefty yet she is captivating in a less prominent role. Rao Ramesh was into his routine best. Kishore as police officer did justice but he is ended on unconvincing note. Tanikella Bharani, Raja Ravindra, Jogi Brothers also did well. Comedy portions on Praveen and Sathya are easily swallowed. Of the rest Tulasi and family of Nikhil did a decent job. 

Out of the Movie Karthikeya: After the success of crime thriller ‘Swamy Rara,’ this is a suspense thriller from Nikhil and Swathi. From their view points, they have done a commendable job in author backed roles. However, problem was with lack of muscle in justifying the buildup and excitement with which the concept is driven by Chandoo. Climax is ushered in a hurry bringing in an irresolute link of Rashtrakuta kingdom. A cleverly and intelligently ran thought concluded with an unsatisfactory and unimpressive rationale. As a director Chandoo was on half way to success as bringing in a new point just before climax made entire watch needless and pointless. Despite all the drawbacks, research on Snake Hypnosis and presentation of History of Rashtrakutas are sure to entice educated viewers. 

The lighter vein comedy with hero’s Know Facts about Science attitude and romantic thread drives most of the first half. Just before interval, hero enters into the temple riddle. Later on, Chandoo could have surprised viewers with series of thrills which did not happen. More interestingly, there is not even a single twist or turn in this straight narration. This kept narrational graph a straight line with slight dip in pre climax and climax. All in all, ‘Karthikeya’ is a film for knowledgeable viewers while for B and C centers this looks more like a two and half hour class on Science subject. The dichotomy on existence and non-existance of god is also discussed here. 

I feel that Chandoo Mondeti lacked in cinematic sense by missing the sharpness in subject and execution. Technically and production standards wise, he had a good team to deliver. Yet, the output was only middling. Coming out of theaters, one could not recollect any single shocking episode in the so called Suspense Thriller. Chandoo could have delivered a 3.5 star rating movie, if the final element of Suspense and Thrill has stormed in shaking the viewers. Finally, if you have to burn off time… watch this movie one time but enter into cinema hall with least expectation. Good Promotions can save the film to certian extent.

Cinejosh Verdict of Karthikeya: A Thriller With Very Few Thrills.

                                                         Cinejosh Rating: 2.75/5

                                                                               Reviewed by Srivaas

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