Karthavyam Review

Karthavyam Review
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Director: Gopi Nainar
Producer: Sharat Marar
Release Date: Fri 16th Mar 2018
Actors: Nayanthara
Karthavyam Rating: 3 / 5
Karthavyam Punchline: True & Honest Film

Karthavyam Review, What’s Behind:

Karthavyam is dubbed version to Tamil super hit Aramm with lady Super Star Nayanthara playing an IAS officer. Directed by Gopi Nainar, the film received extremely positive reports from critics as well audience in Tamil for the strong social message and heart breaking emotions it carried. Let us see, whether Karthavyam can catch the pulse of Telugu audiences as well like what Vijayashanti did long back with the same title…

Karthavyam Story Review:

Madhu Varshini (Nayanthara), an IAS Officer is being probed by her superior over an incident involving a girl child named Dhanshika (Mahalakshmi) trapped in bore well. Madhu Varshini narrates the story of Dhanshika introducing us to the girl’s family, her father Yugendran (Rams) a painter, mother Sumathi (Sunu Lakshmi) a daily labor and elder brother (Ramesh) hates going to school. 

They live in a remote dry village with scarce water resources. As the poor family members are struck on work, Sumathi finds Dhanshika missing as she fell in bore well. District collector Madhu Varshini takes responsibility to rescue the child. Although she tries out all possible ways, nothing works out. Then, the bold and courageous duty minded IAS officer takes a bold decision which puts the lives of two at peril. What's the decision, watch it on big screen.

Karthavyam Artists, Technicians Review:

Debutante Gopi Nainar came up with a rather serious subject depicting the current political scenario and inequality prevalence in India. Story begins in typical Tamil style introducing characters and circumstances full of rustic authentication. Movie turns serious and real drama unfolds only after the girl child is trapped in bore well. 

Except for TV episodes which were shot again with Telugu artists, director Gopi remained amazingly focused. Biggest success of Gopi is he roped in right artists for right characters and thrived in juicing best from all of them. A director mandatorily needs strong hold on subject and for a script like this dialogues are to be straight, thought provoking and hard hitting. 

Gopi's narrative skills had no language barriers. Despite thick Tamil aroma reminds Telugu audience on nativity issues, no wonder both writing and ground realities in Indian political, bureaucratic system keeps our vision alert supported by a brilliant technical team.

Ghibran's music effectively complemented the narrative carrying life and soul into every scene. Especially, the theme song surely makes our eyes go wet. Cinematographer Om Prakash explored the first hand scenario in rural areas through eye of his camera. The bore well episodes are captured so persuasively with immense feel and depth. Editor Rubens has cut the frames sharp to involve us in the serious Karthavyam mission of saving child. Production values from Sharat Marar of Northstar are good.

About artists, Nayanthara with hard-hitting, natural elegance shined as IAS officer. Designated herself as an ideal democrat who works for good of common public with zero respect for power politics is a true inspiration. Most importantly, Nayan hasn’t taken a command or control to put a one woman show dominating over other artists. She has just acted spontaneously according to the situations while it is story that dominated proceedings. Nayan utilized every single opportunity in second half to make us feel emotional with stellar performance. Pre-climax where Nayan breaks down after successfully accomplishing the mission against all odds, rate it as one of the best in career. 

Ramachandran Durairaj who played father of little girl is commendable whereas Sunu Lakshmi is laudable as his wife. Mahalakshmi, the little girl will haunt even after exiting the theatre. Other Tamil artists played their part.

Karthavyam Review Advantages:


Bore well Episodes




Karthavyam Review Drawbacks:

First Half

No Commercial Stuff

Tamil Backdrop

Karthavyam Review Rating Analysis:

Majority films made in India are either inspired or copied from Hollywood or other foreign languages. Rarely do we find our filmmakers experimenting on raw, native and innovative subjects inspired from real life incidents happening around us. Director Gopi Nainar took this concept of negligence from some of the farm owners affecting the lives of downtrodden families and kids when bore wells are left uncapped. In this shadow, director also questioned the honesty of political leaders and sincerity of government in erasing inequality between rich and poor.

First half begins with empathetic villagers who go miles for drinking water which depicts ground reality of poor in isolated poverty stricken dry land areas. First half an hour is a bit slow with introduction of characters and their challenging struggles. Nonetheless, director didn’t waste much time cruising into the main subject. He didn’t overdramatize the things but portrayed real emotions genuinely. Story turns gripping and emotional ever since little girl falls in bore well.

One particular scene where baby’s mother faints down and reaction from neighbors turn the film emotional. The way government officials speak to seniors and their behavior with sub ordinates in the process to reach rescue location showed the lay back mentality. Towards interval, the efforts to save girl go in vain as little baby falls further deep. This is a good interval block indeed as director said so much.

Into second half, Nayanthara and team try all possible ways (actually they don’t have many) describe the evolution of new India researching and exploring new things though governments neglect and never encourage the real hidden talents. Meanwhile, the contemporary India as shown through TV debate and satellite launching episodes stood one major peak. Thenthe adventurous step of little girl’s brother sent inside the bore well and the boy feeling real pressure as he goes deep are really shot thrilling. Then comes one more highlight in pre-climax where Nayan breaks down with bundle of mixed emotions leaving multitude of questions on loopholes in world’s biggest democratic country where power politics overlook everything leaves a stirring message in end.

Altogether, Karthavyam is an emotional ride with strong social message to take home. Nayan once again proved that she mastered the art of picking winning subjects. Despite a truth that commercial verdict may go up-down or down-up, CJ goes for 3.0 stars as it is our responsibility to encourage good films.


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