Kandireega Movie Review

Kandireega Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Kandireega: Young hero Ram joining milk beauty Hansika Motani is the major pulling factor for this film followed by good times running for producer Bellamkonda Suresh and debutant director Santosh Srinivas, there is good hype for ‘Kandireega.’ Let us see, how far this film worked?

In the Movie Kandireega: Seenu (Ram) is daring, energetic, clever and mischievous guy in Anakapalli town. Entire town is annoyed by his nuisance. On one fine day, Seenu’s Maradalu (Colors Swathi) insults him for repeatedly failing in Degree. Taking this as a silly challenge, Seenu lives his father and mother (Chandra Mohan & Sana), packing his bag and takes the train to Hyderabad to pass the Degree exam.

On the first day of college, Seenu falls in love with co-student Shruthi (Hansika Motwani), who is also loved by local goonda Bhavani (Sonu Sood). To protect her family from the clutches of Bhavani, here is Shruthi waiting for the right man to enter into her life who happens to be Seenu. Now, the war is on directly between Seenu and Bhavani. 

Time when Shruthi and Seenu agree to go for marriage, Bhavani ropes in Telangana’s top goonda leader Rajanna (Jaya Prakash Reddy) from Warangal to kidnap Shruthi. Here is the twist. Rajanna has no rivalry with Shruthi. It is Rajanna’s only daughter Sandhya (Aksha) happens to see Seenu on the train journey to Hyderabad. Having impressed by the style and action of Seenu, she too falls in love with him. 

For saving Shruthi from Rajanna, now Seenu accepts to marry Sandhya but cleverly asks for 10 days of time to develop chemistry with her. Following Seenu, even Bhavani comes to Warangal and the drama starts. In the same time comes, Rajanna’s local opponent Mysamma (Vikramarkudu Villain) to take revenge. What kind of hilarious strategies did Seenu use in winning Shruthi back? How Seenu makes Sandhya fall in love with Bhavani? How are Rajanna and Bhavani hand twisted by Seenu using Mysamma? form the Happy Ending.

Values of the Movie Kandireega: Basically this story has shades of Srinu Vytla ‘Dhee,’ ‘Ready’ and many more but Santosh Srinivas is an impact generating persoanlity who will get a standing ovation for the way he dealt the film. Screenplay is weaved so intelligently that audiences never get relaxed from non stop entertainment. Especially his command on Direction is evidential in maintaining a sustained tempo through out. Dialogues written by him self are full of mass punch lines raising whistles in theatres. Cinematography by Andrew is also a good work. Music by Thaman is good for two songs while Chinna’s background is exhilarating. Editing by Kotagiri is also good. Production values of Bellamkonda are again of good quality.

Performance wise, role of Seenu is a cake walk for Ram. He is gushing with high energy levels in action, comedy, dances, dialogue delivery and comedy timing keeping audience glued to screens. Although ‘Kandireega’ do not offer anything new from Ram, this is just an extension of his ‘Ready’ character. Heroine Hansika has got too much extra flab and lost her body shape. Except the cute apple face, she has nothing to offer. Aksha comes only in second half is impressive with Telangana dialect. Again she did not have a fit body to expose. Colors Swathi is brief but matched the vigor of Ram. Sonu Sood has got a lengthy character. While villainy in first half was usual, it is his stammering generated laughs in second half. Jaya Prakash Reddy is routine. Comedy of Chandra Mohan, Srinivas Reddy, MS Narayana, Raghu Babu is good. Brahmanandam proved to be a true comedian in first half with small role. Remaining others are just okay.

Out of the Movie Kandireega: Time when industry people are making hue and cry for a good Telugu film in between the flood of Tamil dubbing flicks, surely ‘Kandireega’ provides big relief. The pacy script, consistency in emotion and more than these, it is director’s attitude which is to win here. Even though we have a routine film in hand, the way Santosh Srinivas kept audience engaged in entire length of film is highlight. Team of Ram and Santosh Srinivas are to work out the BO magic for Bellamkonda yet again. While Hansika needs to reshape her body, Aksha might get a break. 

The tinge of VV Vinayak in canning the action scenes is identified in Santosh Srinivas. Punch dialogues written for hero Ram’s character Srinivas are applicable aptly even for director Santosh Srinivas. The way he carried on the first half without a drop in high velocity demanded same tempo for second half where Santosh could not live up to the expectations. Yet, he tried to add new twists and comedy scenes. Overall, ‘Kandireega’ will be a good debut for one more mass loving director as it is written a hit all over. Santosh is a good future prospect for Tollywood. 

With long weekend in offing, BO wise ‘Kandireega’ will rule the roost pulling the families and youth for its laughing riot. Ram deposits one more hit into his account. 

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Kandireega:  A Full Fledged Non Stop Mass Entertainer.                    

                                                          Reviewed by Srivaas 


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