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Kanche Review
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Kanche Reviews, What’s Behind: Every film from Krish possesses a special and exceptional directive for audience. Into same echelon, here comes Kanche with different backdrop and a subject untouched. Varun Tej, Pragnya Jaiswal, Nikitin Dheer are into the main casting. Let us see, how far Krish crossed the commercial fencing in our ‘Kanche’ Review.

Kanche Story: Movie takes off with World War 2 episodes when German Nazi forces headed by Hitler faced opposition from United Kingdom. Indian armed soldiers fought on behalf of British against Hitler’s atrocities. Dhoopati Hari Babu (Varun Tej) and Eshwar (Nikitin Dheera), both in Indian Army extend their village feud to World War. 

‘Kanche’ is the story of Dhoopati Hari Babu and his love for Seetha (Pragya Jaiswal). While Hari Babu comes from a lower caste, Seetha is the daughter of village head and is sister to Eshwar. It’s the caste factor becomes a fencing to win their love. 

If inequalities between people in a tiny village served like fencing at local level, politics of domination between countries should be necessarily seen as true fencing at International level. What kind of tough situations Hari Babu and Eshwar fought at home and on battle field? How congruent are both these situations? What is the common message to drive home for a society to live in harmony is rest.

Kanche Artists and Technicians: As a storyline, ‘Kanche’ is wafer thin and at the same time it has an expansion of universe. Krish’s intellectual sense crossed all the boundaries when he called this a dream project before initiating. Kanche elaborates the socio-cultural conditions during World War 2 both at local and International stages. Striking a commonality between Love and Hatred is the knife-edged screenplay gimmicked by Krish. Dividing people on caste, creed, sex, religion and culture prefaces the exact theme of ‘Kanche.’ However, the dryness in screenplay and exhaustive treatment makes audience impatient. Sewing episodes moving to and fro between World War and village story is although not an innovative screen play format yet Krish does it easily. Direction wise, Krish failed to go up beyond a restricted point. Repetition of war episodes in same order four to five times impaired the intensity. Gnanasekhar VS camera work is top notch giving a classy look for each frame. Suraj Jagtap and Ramakrishna editing could have easily chopped many dragged portions in first half. Sai Madhav Burra dialogues are so penetrating and needs critical study of his high intellectualism. Simple situations are made overtly complicated with his writing. Chirantan Bhatt music elevated the feel in lot of war scenes. Songs also sounded just ok. Sahi Suresh art work needs applause. Sirivennela lyrics are a treasure. Production values from First Frame Entertainment and Rajeev Reddy are first string. One needs to have enough bravery to invest on this kind of experiment.

On to performances, Varun Tej improved from his first film. He showed good variation in between village and war blocks. His dialogue rendering has in-depth sensitivity and this vocal characteristic is used well by Krish penning lengthy lines. Pragnya Jaiswal looked gorgeous and made a best pair with Varun. Next, Nikitin Dheer’s presence as antagonist served the purpose with climax enlightenment. Avasarala Srinivas made the weighty affair turn into lighter vein now and then with comic timing. Among the rest Sowcar Janaki, Gollapudi, Sathyam Rajesh etc struck to their roles.

Kanche Rating Analysis: Like every time Krish’s injection of forced intellectual principles made ‘Kanche’ an out and out experimental film tested on commercial budget. Director’s professional satisfaction aside, audience personal satisfaction for their invested ticket money should also be justified. As a story and concept, this film makes lot of sense because Krish never preaches any message without self stimulation. However, his stretching of idea made it complicated and heavy duty exercise for viewers. Except the scenic visuals taking us to various Europe locales, the cumbersome message never makes us sit comfort. 

Particularly at the outset of a shrinking globe with culture, religion and caste etc becoming minimal divisive forces, only few percentage of population is searching for reasons to live in harmony because they are already living in a tranquil world sharing common interests. At least, the statement holds fine for Telugu audience. So, global economic and technical changes made geopolitical rivalries lose much of their significance. In this context, how far common audience demanding only entertainment from films can connect with Krish’s ideology is questionable. 

Except a section of intelligent audience, it is hard for ‘Kanche’ to cross the commercial fencing to reach the lower order centers. Krish could have done this project on a documentary format rather than feature film, just an opinion. For hero like Varun in budding stages, this is surely burdensome. Analyzing many intangible factors, Cinejosh rates ‘Kanche’ with 1.5 stars. Commercially, how far ‘Kanche’ works at Box Office or in few metro and overseas areas has to be wait and seen. 

Kanche Cinejosh Verdict: No HOPE… Sorry Varun Tej.

Kanche Cinejosh Rating: 1.5/5.0

                                                                   Reviewed by Srivaas

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